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Honda ‘Keep Up’ Ad is Likely Brilliant

Honda Keep Up Ad

How fast can your brain go? According to the latest video from Honda, it can probably go faster than you know and they’re going to prove it to you.

From a purely advertising perspective, it’s brilliant. It gets the mind into a beta wave state, much different than the standard alpha wave state that we’re accustomed to when watching television or YouTube videos. This is good and bad, something that most advertisers avoid because it can be tricky, but Honda appears to have pulled it off nicely. In layman’s terms, videos put your mind in a passive brains state, while this video attempts to (and in most cases likely succeeds) in making it active and exhibiting beta brain activity.

There may not be a better way to get the array of their product lineup to have a meaningful impact on the audience using the standard practice, so in that regard they picked the right message to put on the right video to advertise the right products.

Enough with the science. Let’s talk about the ad itself. It’s beautiful. I won’t spoil it for the sake of effect but there’s something that it communicates to the viewer that should be noted. This company has always been a trendsetter. They’ve always pushed the limits and that’s the message that they want to convey to the watcher.

Mission accomplished. Here’s the video:

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