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Convertible Trucks Actually Existed

Convertible Trucks Actually Existed

When you hear the term convertible truck you might think of a tuner in their garage cutting the top of their pickup to make it one that would allow you to enjoy the wind whipping through your hair. You might never expect that an automaker actually made a convertible truck and that any would exist. Surely this had to be an auto show hoax or some crazed idea that was only made in a prototype and someone has this singular item in their barn or garage. That’s, thankfully, not the case and maybe you should perform an online search for “convertible truck” and see what comes up.

What you’ll find when you perform this search is the fact that, yes, convertible trucks do in fact exist and no, they don’t exist in a large quantity. If you think back to the small trucks of the 1980s and early 1990s before midsized truck grew larger, most of the compact trucks of the day were small. Even though these tiny brutes could carry the load or head out on the trails, that didn’t mean they were built for a large number of people. These trucks were built before the modern day crew cab and with the small cab was the perfect build to become a convertible.

One company had the guts to make a truck into a convertible and sell several of them. Dodge offered the Dakota Sport as a convertible model from 1989 until 1991 and sold about 3,500 of them. This is certainly a larger quantity than most supercars of today, but this is a tiny portion when you consider the overall number of Dodge trucks sold. This truck was offered with the utility needed and is a simple truck, but it’s one that can be a lot of fun when driving.

Many of these models came with only a few features such as air conditioning, an automatic transmission and a velour interior fabric, which can be extremely comfortable to sit on. The tops were easy to put down with a mechanical system that unlatches and folds down to give this truck a vibe that’s perfect for the beach, the picnic or the ballgame in the summer. If you find one of these beauties, you should snatch it up quick and let it be the truck that you tool around town in and enjoy on the road.

One thing’s for certain if you do find the Dakota Sports Convertible you’re going to be asked a lot of questions and people will wonder if you did the work of turning it into a convertible on your own. This truck is just not seen often anymore and with the low sales figures overall, it was a rarity of its own kind. When you are looking for a summer truck that can be fun, small and easy to enjoy, don’t shy away from this little convertible that has the utility you want and the roof that you can put down and drive around with the breeze blowing and not a care in the world on your mind.

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