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2014 Green Cars to Save Money at the Gas Pump

2014 Accord Hybrid

As gas prices soar to heights never seen before fuel efficiency seems be a top priority when searching for a vehicle. Add to that the approaching end of the 2014 model year and the fuel sipping menu of cars should offer excellent incentives for pricing and for financing. Here is a great list of the highest rated green cars for the 2014 model year.

Volkswagen Jetta

Starting off the list is the Volkswagen Jetta that offers a roomy interior which is not often found in compact sedans. The Jetta has become a very popular choice for many car owners and offers a very subdued style to enjoy. The Jetta offers both a hybrid and a diesel version with the hybrid being the most fuel efficient. The Jetta is claimed and touted to be one of the most fun cars to drive and the diesel powered version has become something of a legend when it comes to efficient diesel power. The Hybrid model brings in a fuel efficiency of 42 city/48 hwy mpg while the diesel model is offered with a 30 city/42 hwy mpg for owners to enjoy and stay away from the gas pumps.

Lexus ES 300h

Offering a quiet, comfortable and roomy interior the Lexus ES 300h shows up with an absolutely gorgeous luxury design that makes heads turn and is truly enjoyable to drive. Add to this the reliability that has been built into the luxury division of Toyota and this is a car that offers very little for anyone to have to worry about. The ES 300h is powered by a 2.5-liter Hybrid four-cylinder engine that offers 156 horsepower and brings in a fuel efficiency of 40 city/39 hwy mpg making this a very fuel efficient luxury car.

Honda Civic

Sporty and stylish the Civic is and has been a very reliable and fun car to drive for many years. The Civic is offered as a traditional gas powered model, natural gas powered model, or hybrid model. The Natural Gas car is the most affordable and burns a very clean burning fuel that can be difficult to find, but helps this car be a very green car to drive. Powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder Natural Gas i-VTEC engine the Civic brings in a fuel efficiency of 27 city/38 hwy mpg. The Hybrid model shows up on the list with 44 city/47 hwy mpg allowing the Civic to be a great vehicle to drive in either version.

Ford C-Max

This interesting compact car comes in either a hybrid or plug-in hybrid version offering a great deal of energy and fun. The Hybrid model is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder Hybrid engine that offers up to 141 horsepower while the plug-in model has a larger battery and offers and all-electric range of 21 miles. The Hybrid model brings in a fuel efficiency of 45 city/40 hwy mpg and the C-Max Energi Plug-In Hybrid comes in at 100 mpge for that 21 mile range and then offers a tank with a capacity of 599 miles worth of fuel that comes in at 43 mpg combined for city and hwy.

Chevrolet Volt

As a highly rated plug-in hybrid the Volt can offer as much as 38 miles on electric power alone which is much more than most other hybrid cars. Add to that the great looks of a sedan that doesn’t appear to be something out of a cartoon and the Volt is a great choice for anyone looking for a very nice hybrid vehicle. Powered by a 149 horsepower electric drive motor and very small four-cylinder engine the Volt reaches 98 mpge for the 38 mile electric range and a combined 37 mpg for the next 344 miles making it easy to avoid gas pumps for a very long time.

Tesla Model S

Tesla has made a huge name for itself as the high end luxury car that it is and this sports sedan has a 362 horsepower AC electric motor that can take up to 208 miles on a single charge. This car even has the capability to compete with many other sports cars in the zero to sixty time making this one of the most impressive all-electric cars on the planet. The fuel efficiency equivalent of this awesome car comes in at 94 city/97 hwy mpge.

Honda Accord Hybrid

The second Honda in the lineup comes charging in to take down the most touted hybrid car on the road today, the Prius and almost did just that for the 2014 model year. The Accord is another great sedan that offers amazing performance and fuel efficiency. Powered by 2.0-liter Hybrid i-VTEC four-cylinder engine that reaches as much as 141 horsepower the Accord comes in the Hybrid form with a fuel efficiency of 50 city/45 hwy mpg. The Accord also offers a plug-in model that offers full-electric power for 13 miles of the drive giving a fuel efficiency of this model 115 mpge for the first 13 miles and 46 combined mpg for the next 557 miles.

Toyota Prius

When it comes to hybrid cars, Prius is royalty and is actually in a class all by itself. With several models to choose from the Prius is powered by a 1.8-liter Hybrid four-cylinder engine that can achieve 98 horsepower. The C model comes in under $20,000 and has a fuel efficiency of 53 city/46 hwy mpg, the V model that offers more space and flexibility offers 44 city/40 hwy mpg of fuel efficiency and the Plug-In model has a range of 11 miles on all-electric power for a 95 mpge and 50 mpg combined for the next 529 miles. The original model that is still the overall fan favorite comes in with a fuel efficiency of 51 city/48 hwy mpg, making this a great car for anyone to own and avoid the gas pump for long periods of time.

Nissan Leaf

The all-electric Leaf is one of the only all-electric cars that comes in under $30,000 and that’s before the tax credit. The Leaf comes in with room for up to five comfortably and a practical feel to it the Leaf is powered by a 107 horsepower AC electric motor that has a range of 84 miles. This gives the Leaf a fuel efficiency equivalent of 126 city/101 hwy mpge for owners to enjoy.

BMW i3

Topping out the list with one more all-electric car the BMW i3 offers some performance along with the joy of electric driving. The i3 will reach 60 mph in just over seven seconds and offers a very nice luxury interior adorned in tanned leather and recycled materials to make this the greenest of the green cars. Add to this the fact the i3 can be fitted with a small gas-powered generator to extend the 81 mile range to a great deal more. The i3 is powered by a 170 horsepower AC electric motor and comes in all-electric with an 81 mile range and a fuel efficiency equivalent of 137 city/111 hwy mpge.

With plenty to choose from on this list anyone looking for a green car can find one in a variety of price ranges with a host of differing performance options as well. Add the fact these are all 2014 models that need to disappear so dealers can make room for the2015 inventory and these cars could easily be gotten for a steal in price and financing.

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