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What You Must Know When Owning a Hellcat


Ok folks, let’s think about this for a moment. Your car first of all has the word “Hellcat” in the name; that alone should tell you something. It doesn’t say “get them next time” it’s not made to be slow or sit idly by while other racing machines are flying by on any particular afternoon. Your car is not made to be a friendly reminder of days gone by, it’s a true and blue American Muscle Car that has somehow entered into Doc Brown’s time machine (yeah right, that thing was a Delorian and much smaller than either Hellcat) and found its way from the days of old to the streets of today.

Along with being a car that has traveled through time to be here, the Hellcat in either Challenger or Charger form, has added all the amazing features and technology offered in today’s automotive world to be at the very top of the food chain when it comes to power, performance and raw acceleration. Knowing all of this, why on Earth would you ever allow your Hellcat to be beaten by much lesser foes. Your Hellcat was built to be a machine that eats Mustangs for breakfast and spits out Camaros at lunchtime.

With these thoughts in mind, Road and Track has released a very entertaining video and taken a similar stance regarding the Hellcat in either form. The link for the video will be included at the end, but offers some great insight, (and a lot of humor), to the whole equation although the underlying truth is evident, don’t ever leave your home in your Hellcat unprepared to do battle. Battles come looking for this beast and you want to be ready to pilot your Hellcat to victory no matter what the competition may be driving (well most if it anyway).

For Hellcat owners, the Road and Track Article offer seven basic rules for all Hellcat owners which are:

  1. Only use the red key
  2. Use the shift-light system
  3. You need wider rear tires
  4. Do not race anything with AWD
  5. Do not race anything with retracting spoilers
  6. Do not race electric vehicles
  7. Do not race any jet aircraft

While I can’t speak for the jet airplane, the rest of the “do not race” vehicles make perfect sense as they make much more use of the power contained in the vehicle and transfer it much more efficiently to the wheels. Using these cautions as your guide while owning your Hellcat you will not be the next to be seen in a video taken by your competition showing how you lost in your Hellcat that acted more like a purring kitten rather than a fierce and fired up big cat from the jungle.

If you would like to see the video from Road and Track, click here. Be warned, this is not a video for the faint of heart and does contain some offensive language. Now that you have been warned, enjoy the video, follow the rules, throw away the black key (you will never need it anyway), and get out there and tear up the road and track against all challenging competitors.

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