The Unstoppable Force

The Unstoppable Force

When a force that doesn’t seem to have the ability to stop meets an immovable object something amazing takes place to both of these items. While some will offer a theory that this is how the Earth was created the fact is there is one vehicle on the market that feels like it’s the unstoppable force. The Ram Power Wagon is a grown-up pickup truck that has the power you want and the ability to tackle all the immovable forces that you may encounter while you’re driving. This is the truck you want when it’s time to head out on the trails and traverse the outdoor world.

Starting with the power offered for this amazing pickup truck you’ll find this big and amazing pick up uses a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engine under the hood that allows for an output of 410 horsepower and 429 lb.-ft. of torque. This is attached to a six-speed automatic transmission and gives you the ability to tow as much as 10,030 pounds. This impressive truck sits at 14.3 inches over the ground to make sure nothing small will get in your way as you drive. You’ll also be able to enjoy approach, departure, and breakover angles that would tear up lesser vehicles.

More than Meets the Eye

Most of the actual performance of what the Power Wagon offers comes from some of the systems and components in this truck. One of the most impressive is the disconnecting sway bar which gives the truck as much as 26 inches of wheel articulation to allow all four wheels to remain in touch with the surfaces, even with the terrain is uneven and one or more of the wheels is lifted or lowered in relation to the rest of the wheels while you drive.

There is also a BorgWagner 44-47 transfer case that is able to assist with the crawling duties that will allow this truck to operate in 2WD on the pavement and then switch to 4WD HI or 4WD Low when needed. There is a manual transfer case handle in the cab to give you the experience of putting the truck into the gearing needed to get the job done which is always a satisfactory experience when you hear the truck engaging the 4WD Low setting that’s used for the crawling and ability to handle an incline or decline that ahead.

Another item you’ll find for this impressive truck is the 12,000 pound Warn winch that is standard on every model of the Power Wagon. This allows you to get a bit aggressive with your off-road fun and know you’ll have the equipment needed to pull yourself or your friend’s truck out of trouble whenever needed. This will be the best tool in your toolbox and make you the most popular person in your off-road group when you head out to the trails and know you have the equipment needed to get everyone out of trouble that may be encountered.

It’s the Right Truck

With the heritage of the Ram 2500 and 1500 standing behind the Power Wagon, it would be extremely difficult for you to argue with the idea that this impressive truck is the one that will provide you with the drive and the performance you want on and off the road. The Ram Power Wagon is a truck that’s been built to handle the truck stuff you want to do. This impressive machine crawls over everything, has the off-road features you’re looking for, and is one of the most capable towing vehicles on the market. If you want the fun and the power of a big truck, do yourself a favor, check out the Ram Power Wagon and take this truck home with you.

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