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The Sporty Fun of the BMW M235i

2016 BMW M235i

Most of the M cars from BMW show up as single digit offerings including the M3 and M4. The M235i suggests something much different and shows up as a great in between car that will give you a joyous ride but not so much power and performance that you need extensive driving lessons to handle this little beauty. As a smaller sports coupe and cabriolet the M235i is fun to drive and gives plenty of feedback, allowing you to make the adjustments needed to have one of the most engaging drives possible on any road.

Rather than being a car that is so advanced you couldn’t hear the engine, road or exhaust, the M235i, especially in convertible mode welcomes these noises for you to take in the direct driving enjoyment of the car. This gives you a feeling of not only being one with the world around you, but your car as well which is really what driving is all about.

The M235i is not devoid of instrumentation and features, it has a full menu of advanced technology aboard to make it seem like the perfect blend between a BMW from a decade ago and today’s advancements. This makes it a car that will remind you of the older models from BMW, but still give you everything you want in a new car.

With the lack of importance placed on the weight of the car, the M235i is designed to be enjoyable, but not fleet of foot. The added weight gives more balance to the car and helps it be more than happy to utilize the torque aboard through corners and handle easily coming out and showing off with a very lively driving feeling that you just can’t get from some of the higher level models such as the M3 and M4.

Of course all the refinements needed are in place as the signature BMW suspension handles all the road abrasions with ease and perfection to give off a great performance. The M235i is smooth on any surface and feels like it belongs wherever it is driven with little to know slip unless that is what is desires. All traction and stability controls are present for everyday driving along with the ability to turn them off to really unleash the beast of this car and let is tear up the road ahead.

The M235i in either a coupe or convertible format is a fun and enjoyable car to drive with an engine that is perfectly matched to the car to not be too powerful, but offer enough to allow you to have a great time in this car. At a price that shows up much less than the other “M” cars from BMW, this one is the right choice for those looking for a fun and engaging ride while still avoiding the over $100K price tag that can come with the others. Take a ride in one of these beauties and you will instantly fall in love with what this car is and what it offers you; an awesome ride.

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