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The New Civic and a Few Things to Know

2016 Bright Green Honda Civic

Honda has a new Civic for you to love and enjoy.  This car has run the gambit over the history of its life in the US as a sporty hatchback that certainly gave us a car that could be amazing to drive and a lot of fun at an affordable price.  If you have loved the Civic before, this new one will certainly turn your head and make it so you can enjoy the drive once again from a car that offers you the ride you want, the price you can afford and everything you have enjoyed about the Civic including reliability and resale value.  With that in mind here are some things you should know about this car that has been great for so many years.

Size – The Civic is larger than it was before.  With the new ACE body structure this car has gained size in nearly every area to be a larger vehicle than the previous mode.  The only place the car has shrunk is in the height.  This gives us a car that is wider and has a longer wheelbase in order to give us a better stance that adds more control than before to this already exciting vehicle.

Weight Loss – the Civic actually lost weight even though its larger than before which is an interesting trick that many car makers have started performing.  The structure itself is about 70 pounds lighter and the overall car has lost nearly 100 pounds overall in order to give you a car that not only offers you more interior space than before but also one that has a lower overall weight to make it more dynamic and a much better ride.  When you think of the Civic you want a car that will be as athletic as you can get, this one certainly fits the bill.

New Engines – This car will benefit from two new engines, a 2.0-liter 158 horsepower 138 lb.-ft. of torque four-cylinder that is easy to love and certainly will be the base engine that doesn’t feel bottom of the line.  The second is a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that pumps the horses to 174 and the twist to 162 lb.-ft. of torque in order to give you a bit more power and certainly allow you to have a powertrain that will be more than adept at handling the challenges of being part of the Civic.

Efficiency – With the two engines that are mated to a CVT you can be sure that the car is efficient.  Less weight helps and the base engine will give you 20 city/40 hwy mpg with the manual while the CVT lets you enjoy the efficiency of 31 city/41 hwy mpg.  For the turbo the number come out to 31 city/42 hwy   and will only be used with the CVT, making this a highly efficient and enjoyable feature that you will love on your newly designed Civic, especially when you can wave to your friends as you pass them at gas stations in the area.

Great Price – When you choose the Civic you will be able to love the fact that the base price for the LX model is a meager $19,475 while adding the CVT will only increase that price by $800.  Of course if you want to move up the price range you can head to the Touring model which will offer you a price of $27,335 and give you a long list of awesome features for you to take full advantage of and make your own for every day driving needs.

This tenth generation of the Honda Civic proves to be the best yet and at great prices along with the amazing features included this car will be the one you want to have and drive for all your driving needs.  The new Civic goes on sale in November which will give you a bit more time to get yourself ready for the car that has been a nameplate we have loved to over thirty years.  Let yourself fall in love with driving in a compact car that has much more to offer you than most midsized sedan and see what you can have on your new Civic that will become your best driving machine for the next several years.

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