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The Chiron Will Break the Bank

Bugatti Chiron 2018

Admiring something from afar because you know you aren’t in any position to actually purchase or think about purchasing the item is great.  This is why we have $5.00 posters and postcards that show places of wonder that most of us can only ever hope to possibly visit.  In the auto industry, most automakers work toward offering products that will satisfy the masses.  This means volume sales, speedy mass production lines and the ability to turn out thousands of cars each year to meet the demands of the over six billion people on the globe, many of whom do drive.

Because many automakers work toward the volume sales and keeping prices lower so that we can all afford to drive the vehicle of our choice, or at least one that fits our budget that we choose, these car companies make a lot of money with a multitude of sales.  One such brand is not as concerned about volume as it is about the full quality of their vehicle, pushing everything to the limit, throwing shots across the bow of the competition and giving us cars that for a vast majority of us will become bedroom wall fodder.

This company is Bugatti which recently finished it run of production of the Veyron and now is on to its successor the Chiron.  The Chiron is named for a famous racer for Bugatti, Louis Chiron and certainly Louis would love to drive one of these cars.  The Chiron is expected to be powered by the VW Group 8.0-liter quad turbocharged W16 engine with 1,480 horsepower and 1,106 lb.-ft. of torque.  The top speed for this awesome machine is expected to reach 288 mph, which is the shot at the other exotics to work toward this mark and see if they can even come close.

While the massive power and certainly amazing build and drive are going to be the talk of auto enthusiasts the world over, only a select few will be able to own the Chiron.  The first obstacle for anyone looking to buying this new Bugatti is the price which will start at 2.5 million and only increase from there with the roadsters and special editions that will come out in the future.  The second obstacle, assuming you can afford the first, is the fact that only 500 will be made, which is an increase over the Veyron, but still very limited.

Certainly you might think it crazy that Bugatti puts all its profits on this one car and doesn’t work toward volume sales on other models, but as part of the VW Group, it’s not needed.  This flexibility allows Bugatti to give us these insanely powerful, beautifully luxurious vehicles that only the wealthiest in the world will even consider purchasing.  For the rest of us the Chiron will be relegated to a poster on the wall of many teenage boys or even of those who want to have a dream and see if they can eventually make it a reality.

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