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Sneaky Power and Performance Mark the 2015 Chevrolet SS as a Winner

2015 Chevrolet SS

Just because a car is meant for a growing family does not mean it shouldn’t have plenty of power and the potential to leave many sports cars in the dust. At least that seems to be the thought for the Chevrolet SS which is enjoying its second year with a very powerful engine and adding a great and large sedan back into the lineup for Chevrolet. This gives the Chevrolet SS an appearance of manners and sophistication on the outside while under the hood lays a beast that is simply waiting to be fully awakened to show awesome driving performance and capabilities.

Taking this family car out for spin and showing off its power will do nothing short of spinning some heads of those who are left in the dust. For 2015 the SS adds a manual transmission options at no additional cost along with a heightened performance given from the Magnetic Ride Control and rear Brembo brakes. This car also enjoys the ability to be a Wi-Fi hotspot by use of the OnStar system that has become a staple of many Chevrolet vehicles offered for this year’s lineup.

Offering a limited slip differential and a zero to sixty time of 4.7 seconds the SS is fast, powerful and, as Miami Chevrolet tells us, very enjoyable. Making this drive an even greater pleasure is the presence of a suspension that confidently sticks the vehicle to the road to ensure it can handle any driving condition and road abrasion with ease and confidence. The steering system is quick and responsive allowing the car to handle any canyon run or mountain pass and remain at speeds that seem to be hazardous at best. The Brembo brakes add to the amazing control allowing the car to stop quickly and easily without having a lot of cushion. The interior cabin is fairly quiet giving the family the opportunity to enjoy any musical selections they desire to hear from the excellent sound system.

Because the audience for this full size sedan is small, there is only one engine offered, but it’s a real doozy. This engine comes in with a massive amount of power and gives owners the ability to run away with just about any title they could desire. This single engine is a 6.2-liter V8 engine that offers 415 horsepower and 415 lb.-ft. of torque. If this seems to be a familiar engine it’s because this engine is the same one that is found in the Corvette as well. Two transmission options are available for the SS. The first is a six-speed automatic that has paddle shifters for those times when manual control is desired. the other is a six-speed manual giving owners the control they desire. With either transmission in place the fuel efficiency comes in at 14 city/21 hwy mpg. All Chevrolet SS models are rear-wheel drive and run on Premium gasoline for the greatest performance from this awesome power plant.

Even though the main accolade for the SS is the fact it is a highly powerful sedan, it is still a sedan meant to carry along a family of people. All seats offer plenty of legroom to offer the ability to stretch out and relax along with very comfortable seating. Upgraded trim models offer leather upholstery and a suede-like material for some visual interest. The trunk space is very nice at 16.4 cubic feet, but with the rear seats not folding down that is the limit of the cargo space. All controls are very easy to use and intuitively positioned for maximum enjoyment by the driver.

On the outside the Chevrolet SS is a very attractive sedan with a luxury like appearance and stance. This stance is athletic and wide offering what is needed to allow the car to take full advantage of the awesome power under the hood. The front grill has an upper and lower portion to maximize the air flow. This grill is flanked by two very attractive headlights and makes a smooth transition from the front to the hood. The hood to roof angle is enjoyable and gives a great look and feel to the car. The biggest hint at the power underneath comes in the form of the wheels that are multi-spoked and give a very sporty yet upscale feel to the exterior of the car.

Only one trim is offered for the SS making most of the equipment available part of the standard features. This feature list includes heated and cooled front seats, a nine-speaker Bose audio system, the Magnetic Ride Control suspension, Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system with an eight-inch touch screen display, a navigation system, a rearview camera, in car Wi-Fi connectivity, blind spot monitoring, forward collision alerts, lane departure warning, and a parallel parking system. All SS models include a full two year/24,000 mile scheduled maintenance plan to make sure the care of this awesome vehicle starts off just right. Owning a Chevrolet SS will allow driver’s to know they have gotten and awesome car that has everything they want in the one and only trim offered.

The optional features offered for the Chevrolet SS are small in number because of so many standard offerings. These optional features include a six-speed manual transmission, a sunroof, a full-size spare tire and leather upholstery. This gives only a few extras for owners to gain, making sure the price of the SS won’t be too much more with options than without.

Speaking of price, the Chevrolet SS starts off with a price of just over $48,000 which is a great price for the size and power that are included in this vehicle. Adding the sunroof only increases the price by $1,000 to the overall vehicle cost. Because this car is offered in only one trim, this car comes in as a whole package at the base and only trim meaning owners who are looking for the power and performance in a car that is made to haul around their family doesn’t have to look any farther than the 2015 Chevrolet SS.

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