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Smartphone Apps That Can Make A Used Car High Tech

GasBuddy App

Technology is everywhere, it surrounds us. From smartphones and laptops, to 3D televisions and cars, everywhere you turn, technology has become a part of our day to day lives on some level. Auto makers tout advanced technology in their vehicles with each evolving model year leaving some car drivers feeling left out. For instance, take the average teenager who typically drives a vehicle that is more than 10 years old and you have a car that is virtually technology-less.

With that said, there have been great innovations in technology that can allow a seemingly boring old car advanced and connected. More old school technology such as plug-in GPS systems are the obvious easy upgrades, but your car can be transformed with just a smartphone. Download a handful of apps from the Google Play store or Apple iTunes and you have yourself an “upgraded” vehicle.

Do you need to find the cheapest or nearest gas station? Add GasBuddy to your smartphone and boom, you have a car that can tell you gas stations around you and which of those gas stations will give you the most fuel for your dollar. This is similar to luxury vehicles that can help you find things that are nearest you, or like General Motors OnStar that can help you locate different places.

Do you want to keep track of maintenance schedules on your car, truck, or SUV? Newer vehicles have this feature built-in to their infotainment systems so that you can easily tell when the next oil change is due, but if you drive an older model vehicle, what can you do? Simple. Download the Car Minder Plus app and you have a maintenance minder to tell you when to add air to your tires, or change your air filter.

iOnRoad is a nifty app that mimics today’s technology like forward collision alert. This app uses your iPhone’s camera to notify you of tailgating so you can backoff, possible collisions, and if you are departing a lane. It also detects speed signs so that you can make sure you are driving the current speed limit, avoiding those costly speeding tickets.

Smartphone Apps are evolving and there are new ones hitting the market on a daily basis. Some of these apps like GasBuddy are free, while apps like iOnRoad is an app that is for purchase. In the near future, Android and iPhone both will have platforms that will actually be integrated into your infotainment system. With all of this great technology, whether you drive an older car or the latest model, there is something to make everyone’s driving experience a little more user friendly.

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