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2016 Mazda Miata MX-5 Red

When you think about the new Mazda Miata MX-5 you might at first think it needs more power.  In the car world we are obsessed with power and adding it to any car we can.  Take a look at the Mustang and all its variations from different companies that bring it from the stock from up to a seriously highly powered beast.  As for the Miata, what would more power mean?  Will we see a Mazdaspeed Miata like we had from 2004-2005?  Actually, Mazda has announced just the opposite, they feel the Miata is perfect the way it already is.

The important part of driving a Mazda Miata is the actual driving experience.  In the new version as well as previous models, the Miata is one of the quickest handling and most adept cars on the road today.  These features are the result of several components of the car that make it easy to steer and handle.  The Miata has a short wheelbase and low slung profile that helps keep it on stuck on the road to allow the easiest driving experience.  The steering of this car has always been quick, precise and exceptional, which allows you to enjoy a car that feels like you become one with the road.

With this awesome handling you might think that having a car with more power would be the right and best answer possible. Take the Corvette for instance.  The Corvette has always boasted amazing power and given us some great handing.  In fact, the Corvette typically beats competition because of its handling, not because of the power, even though we all know the power to be awesome under the hood of this phenomenal car.  So why not put added power into the Miata, what is holding Mazda back?

In reality, Mazda is not being held back, they have made the decision not to add power to the Miata on purpose.  The challenges when adding more power is the need to add even more control features such as a beefier suspension.  Not to mention the need for larger brakes to handle the stopping of the car which would be necessary for a more powerful Miata.  All of this adds up to a car that becomes more expensive, which is one of the primary issues Mazda is trying to avoid with the Miata.  Keeping the car at 155 horsepower also allows them to keep the production costs down and help maximize the profits from their world-renown roadster.

Knowing all this, when you go to the dealership looking for your new Miata, you certainly won’t be disappointed.  This car has grown up a lot and showcases a look that is more than just a little fun; it’s a great deal of fun.  Roadsters like this had a heyday many years ago and have finally begun to come back into the car world for another go-round, much like many of the other cars we see on the roads that have a distinct throwback style with modern electronics and mechanics.

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