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One Man Challenges the Widowmaker on a Daily Basis

One Man Challenges the Widowmaker on a Daily Basis

When it comes to cars and the history of what we expect from some automakers, the Porsche brand and name has been part of the discussion for many decades. The most highly recognized and most beloved car from this brand is the 911 which has been something special for most of the time Porsche has been making cars. As a car that comes in many forms and is one of the most admired cars on the road, it seems like there would have been an end somewhere in sight, but the 911 has something that no other high-end sports car does.

When it comes to what makes the Porsche 911 work and drive, this is a car that’s amazing and is built simply. Compared to most high-end sports cars the Porsche 911 is actually easy to fix and doesn’t cost as much to get back on the road when an accident happens. These cars are also built to last as the pride of German engineering over the course of its history. These factors make this little road warrior one that’s simply one of the best cars on the road to give us more of what we’d like to have in a great car.

This toughness factor in the car that we’ve loved to see on the road for many years and has now been built over one million times continues to be one that has the highest rate of retention on the road. More than seventy percent of the Porsche 911s ever built are still driving on the road today. This means we have an amazing car that gives us the quality and the precision we’ve been after to make this one of the most intriguing and impressive cars to drive.

One man will certainly agree that the Porsche 911 is one of the best cars on the road. Bill MacEachern drives his car on a daily basis in Canada, even in the winter. He has done so for over forty years with his 1976 Porsche 911 Turbo which has been deemed the Widowmaker over the course of its history. This car is one that is aggressive and was the first of the air-cooled Turbos that was taken from the track to the road and is one of the most extreme choices a person can make when they’re looking for a car that can be a great drive.

This 930 model of the Porsche 911 is a car that Bill drives for house calls and as his business vehicle. Bill owns a carpet business in Canada and has to make house calls on a regular basis. Over the course of the forty years, he’s owned his 911, because he is the original owner of this car and has loved to drive this car for many years. If there’s anyone who can be a spokesperson for the toughness of the Porsche 911, it could be Bill and his black car.

Take a look at this video below and check out the spot where MacEachern’s story begins at 7:35. His car has over 725,000 miles on it which is over one million kilometers to make it quite an accomplishment for a car that has survived forty or more Canadian winters and the harshness that this car has withstood over this time. This car has easily been one that has been through a lot and has handled the job perfectly as the right way to have Bill show up at the doorstep in his black Widowmaker that hasn’t yet decided it was time for Bill to meet the Grimm Reaper.


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