In the 1990s the Porsche 993 was a Legend

12.19.15 - Porsche 993 GT2

12.19.15 - Porsche 993 GT2

Power has always been a great way to have the most from any vehicle and every sports car manufacturer has looked for better ways to find the power the desire.  One of the most impressive ways a company can improve the power of a vehicle is to boost the horsepower of the Porsche 911 turbo in the 993 era that already offered a strong 400 horsepower and AWD.  This made for a combination that was great to be fast car that was perfect for racing and for driving on the streets at the time.

In order to improve the 911 to be even better Porsche built the GT2 which became the legendary car of the 1990s.  This car boosted the power to 430 horsepower and made a car that was lighter in order to make the car more efficient when it came to the power to weight ratio.  In this new model the pure sports car was brought back which meant it had a RWD system instead of the AWD which helps to drop some of the weight as well.  This car was cool before the electronic aids of today, which meant you had to actually drive this beauty.

At this added power point and the change to the RWD this car quickly became known as the “Widowmaker” because it was more difficult to drive, even for those who had the experience to do so.  Unfortunately this meant that many of these cars were crashed; at least a much higher rate of them than most other cars that were made.  This made the Porsche 993 GT2 a car that many wanted to challenge themselves to be able to drive and see if they could handle this beast that would not be tamed as easily of most other vehicles.

For those who were able to take this car and get it under control the car offers the entire feel that the sports cars of today don’t have.  This was a car in the 1990s that brought back all the real feelings of driving cars from the earlier days of sporty driving to allow you to make the drive the best possible.  Those few who were able to fully enjoy this car typically stepped out with a wide smile on their faces and the feeling of exhilaration from a drive in a car that certainly gave them the most challenging but also most rewarding drive.

While there aren’t any “Widowmakers” being built today, there are still some cars, even some from Porsche that offer a dynamic and fully engaged ride that could bring back the overall wonderful feeling of driving a car that offers the challenges of the Porsche 993 GT2.  If you see one of these beauties for sale and think you can handle it, just be warned that they are not easily tamed and even bucked off some of the most experienced racing drivers of their time, but this car certainly can be the best car you ever drive if you let it be.

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