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Genesis Shows Admiration for Tesla

Genesis shows admiration for Tesla

What would a company that has been borne out of the success and the quality that Hyundai has brought to the market have to say that would be positive about a company that feels more like an upstart? There was one word used by the head of Genesis and that word was disruptive. This word wasn’t used with negativity or with the seething anger that can happen; it was meant and used with admiration and the possibility that Genesis might be the next disruptive company to change the way vehicles are built and the way that they are sold as well.

Genesis has done things the right way thus far. The right way, in this case, is simply the tried and true method of branching out. With a pair of Hyundai models that were considered to be of higher quality and luxury in nature, this brand was born after the Hyundai Genesis was successful and the Equus showed a huge possibility for creating a new brand after the sales that were being enjoyed for several years. This was much the same way that Nissan created Infiniti, Toyota created Lexus and Honda created Acura to be some of the right luxury brands for us to drive and enjoy.

The new GV80 concept that was shown at the New York Auto Show in April is a vehicle that could be the one that will create a disruption for the automotive industry ad a fuel cell vehicle. In order to support this new model and bring it to the market, Genesis is also pursuing the commercial development and infrastructure for the hydrogen technology that will be needed to make sure the type of powertrain can be used and enjoyed more on the market and help this ZEV type of driving growth.

Genesis is looking for the right way to get a foothold in the market and create a buzz around the brand and it needs to be able to create a network that is beyond the Hyundai showrooms that it is located in right now. This means there is a need for a different way to sell vehicles, which leads to another aspect of the admiration for Tesla and what they have been able to accomplish over the past few years. One aspect of being able to help you avoid a showroom and a dealership is the Genesis Service Valet that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

There is a lot to admire about the way Tesla has been disruptive in the automotive industry and the leaders of Genesis seem to know they could use some of the points of interest and impressive aspects of the Tesla company and what they have built. The future will be interesting to see as Genesis grows and becomes able to bring more models to the market such as the SUVs that we expect to see and enjoy on the market in order to give us the modern way of buying a vehicle and enjoying what this new luxury brand has to offer.

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