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Forty Years Ago in GMC Sierra History

GMC Desert Fox Sierra

When you think about where the automotive industry was forty years ago, it’s amazing to think about what was being offered on the market when it comes to driving fun. We had large and imposing SUVs that were built from the same platforms as the trucks that shared their lineup to give us vehicles that were trucks with a different feel and purpose on the road. These massive SUV models weren’t made to be coddled or for the family driving around the area, instead, these incredible vehicles were made to get out on the trails and in the desert to explore areas that weren’t paved.

One of the original SUV models that offered fun and a specialized look for us to admire it was the 1977 GMC Desert Fox Jimmy. This was an obscure off-road vehicle that was colored for the desert and packaged for the ride in this challenging area of the world as well. You could take this impressive SUV out for a drive and those around you would know you’re ready to head out on the trails and tackle the wilderness on your way to the location that only you could get to in your Desert Fox.

Paying Tribute to the Original

While not making a huge fuss over it, the GMC team chose to celebrate the original GMC Desert Fox Jimmy with a new concept truck that was shown off at the Dubai Motor Show. They brought a GMC Desert Fox Sierra concept to this show and set it in the booth next to the original 1979 Desert Fox Jimmy with both showing off the same exterior colors and off-road design to give us a pair to look at and admire for the celebration of a model that was born forty years ago.
In order to give the new concept model a look that was similar to the original, they fitted this GMC Sierra truck with several items that would remind us or that original model for the drive. This means we see a tan exterior and desert tones in several of the attached items starting at the hood and moving all the way to the rear. This gives us a vintage look of a retro truck in a modern model that has the equipment we want for the drive of today. This truck was also upgraded with the off-road items you’ll want if it’s what you choose for the drive.
What does the Desert Fox Sierra have in store for you? This truck has a desert-tuned suspension, custom full under body armor, GMC accessories and prototype off-road parts, a performance exhaust, a sport bar, LED roof lights, off-road front and rear bumpers, Baja style fenders. desert terrain tires, beadlock wheels, and a front recovery winch. It appears this truck is ready to head out on the trails in the desert and get you where you need to go. Are you ready to make this the truck you’ll want to drive?


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