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Ford Offers Free Summer Driving Program In Six States

Ford Offers Free Summer Driving Program In Six States

Teaching your teen can be a daunting task. Most teens don’t really want to take commands or lessons from their parents, and most parents don’t really want to teach their teens to drive to be honest. It is nerve racking to give your child control of a very expensive, heavy vehicle, while at the same time, giving them control of your life. And if your teen is like mine, they know everything already, so they get mad when you try to correct their bad driving habits.

Ford is making it a little easier for some parents in the U.S. They have opened summer driving camps that are free for teens in six states across the country. From July through August, camps featuring advanced hands-on driver training that will be held in North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The training will focus on hands-on driving, hazard recognition, speed management, space management, and distracted and impaired driving.

This summer, more than 1,500 teens will attend the camps in the six states. The camps will focus also on things not traditionally taught in drivers education training courses. Things like slippery pavement, or how to react to a deer or other animal in their path will be part of this free course provided by Ford.

Teens will also learn the importance of not driving impaired by using special goggles and suits that simulate how it feels to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The suit and goggle combo will slow their movement, limiting their reaction time as well as reducing vision and coordination. Ford wants teens to know how important it is to drive sober.

Summer is the time of year when teens are more prone to accidents due to increased driving. They drive to work more frequently, or just want to explore with friends. They may want to take a simple drive to the river or to hike and encounter things that they may not be prepared for. This is where the Ford teen driving program will help. It can help them make the good decision to drive sober, as well as help them avoid the deer that may be in their path.

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