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For Extreme Comfort without Extreme Price: 2015 Toyota Avalon

2015 Toyota Avalon Black

For those car shoppers who want a premium level sedan to enjoy and be pampered by without having to pay luxury car prices, the 2015 Toyota Avalon is a great choice. As a sedan that shows up to replace the large American luxury car, the Avalon offers Toyota dependability and a very lavish interior that is housed within a sleek and stylish shell. For those who want to enjoy this lavish comfort with some great fuel efficiency, the Avalon offers a hybrid trim that can be enjoyed as well, making this car a fantastic choice for anyone looking to drive in comfort without paying luxury car prices.

For this new model year, the Avalon adds some excitement to an otherwise enticing touring car. This excitement comes in the form of the new Touring Sport Edition which offers Attitude Black pain and a dark blue interior trim to enjoy some dramatic looks. In addition to this new trim, all Avalon models gain an Entune audio system, gas models add paddle shifters and the Touring trims add a new Blind Spot Monitor. With these additions to an already enjoyable car the Avalon shows off in the Premium sedan class.

While the Avalon is built to be a very comfortable cruiser, it is agile enough to handle just about any road conditions and maneuvers through twist and turns with ease and confidence. This is achieved through the highly responsive steering system that is firm and predictable, along with strong brakes and a suspension system that dispels any movement, helping to keep drivers and their passengers securely and comfortably planted on the road. A quiet cabin is also found in the Avalon which ensures owners are able to really enjoy their own musical selections to continue the enjoyment of this smooth and fantastic ride.

With two engines to choose from in the Avalon owners will be able to make the choice between a time- tested V6 and a very energetic hybrid model. The base engine for this exciting cruiser comes in the form of a 3.5-liter V6 engine that offers up to 268 horsepower and 248 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is married up with six-speed automatic transmission that offers a fuel efficiency of 21 city/31 hwy mpg. With this large of a vehicle, this fuel mileage is excellent and the powertrain is powerful and very pleasant.

The second engine offering is a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine with a hybrid battery motor aboard. This engine nets 200 horsepower with the engine having 156 lb.-ft. of torque and the battery motor f199 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is mated to a continuously variable transmission which shows up with a fuel efficiency of 40 city/39 hwy, saving money at the fuel pump and offering a quiet ride. The only downside to the Avalon is the lack of an all-wheel drive to add to this excellent vehicle.

The cabin of the Avalon is very refined and as close to luxury as it can get without being a luxury priced vehicle. This feeling is the result of the use of some top end material, controls that are well-placed and a very comfortable seating. The Avalon also boasts a high end infotainment system and a wide array of technology to create a connected experience for all aboard to enjoy. Even the rear seat occupants are treated to a vast amount of leg room, allowing enough space to almost be able to recline in the posh comfort and style of the car.

ON the outside the Avalon appears very sculpted and athletic with a large profile and very aggressive stance. This gives this premium cruiser a bit of an exciting look making it much more fun to look at and drive than most other premium cars, especially those of yesteryear. The roofline offers a look that resembles a coupe more than a sedan and the front fascia shows off with a very wide lower grill and a stylish upper grill adorned with the Toyota emblem. This front shows a pair of narrow-eyed headlights that look fast and fierce and this car rides on a very dynamic set of spoked wheels that are gorgeous when parked or on the road heading down the street.

The standard features offered for the Toyota Avalon are spread across five different trim levels, XLE, Premium, Touring, Touring Sport and Limited with the hybrid being offered on all except the XLE and Touring Sport models. On the base model the features include heated outside mirrors, a rearview camera, leather-trimmed seats, smart-key access, push-button starting, dual-zone climate control and a6.1-inch audio touch screen with eight speakers. The Premium model adds a moonroof, with the Touring trim adding a navigation system, driver’s seat memory control and the Entune infotainment system. The safety features included on the Avalon include ten airbags, electronic stability control and front seats that help reduce whiplash.

The optional features found in the Avalon show up with some different packages to choose from. The Limited model offers a Tech Package that adds pre-collision warning, automatic hi beams, a Qi wireless charging pad and adaptive cruise control. The Premium trim upgrades the navigation system to include the Entune App suite. With all these added options aboard the Avalon this car really does reach up into the luxury car range making it one of the most enjoyable rides possible.

Starting out with a base price of just over $33,000 the Avalon makes a great purchase. The hybrid model starts out around $37,000 with the Limited model tipping the scales of this car around $42,500 which is really a great deal for all the awesome tech and features that can be found in this car. For either a family cruiser or a daily commuter car the Avalon makes a great choice to ride in comfort, style and elegance.

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