First Time Buyers Should Consider the 2016 Scion tC

2016 Scion tC

2016 Scion tC

The dealers can see you coming a mile away, you have the wide-eyed look on your face and an unsure gait to your walk, you are the first- time buyer.  When you visit a Scion dealership that should not matter at all with the awesome programs Scion offers with their no-haggle pricing and fully packaged vehicles.  When you look at the Scion tC, you can tell this is a car made for you as it has a better audio system than many in its price range, some excellent looks, a great list of standard features and even some performance parts to make you excited to select and buy this car.

The Scion tC is an affordable coupe that gives you a lot of fun to drive in a car that is also economical and reliable.  The bonuses include features such as the audio system, a large reach trunk area and loads of great equipment to make this a car you want to drive.  For the tC the new features include the new seven-inch touchscreen audio system with voice activation, POI search and phonebook to keep all your contacts organized, a rear wiper/washer, smart key with push button starting, sliver accent interior door handles and an upgraded center console to offer you a tC that is even better than before.

Because much of the customer base for Scion is the youthful professionals, these cars need to be dynamic and economical.  The first part of that means the ride must be engaged and perfect from the suspension and chassis to give you a car that is sporty in performance and looks.  The Scion tC gives you an amazing ride on any road but is efficient enough to be your daily driver to make your commute more fun and engaging than ever.

One of those features that ensure the car does not need to be haggled for price is the fact that there is only one engine offered on this car which is a wonderful 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine.  This power plant will reach 179 horsepower and 173 lb.-ft. of torque in order to give you the right power needed and when attached to the six-speed manual or automatic transmission the car is a great ride with the rev-matching technology that is in place with the automatic transmission.  The fuel mileage for this car shows up at 23 city/31 hwy mpg to give you a great ride that is also efficient.

The Scion tC is one of the cars that come with a great deal of standard features as mentioned.  This includes 18-inch wheels, a Pioneer sound system with a seven-inch LCD touchscreen, HD Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning, a leather trimmed steering wheel with audio controls, a panoramic moonroof, automatic headlights, eight airbags, traction control, stability control and active front headrests.  All of this is in place to give you a car that is really ready to perform for you and offer you the most for the price you pay.

Most of what you will find as far as options are dealer installed features that are stand-alone in order to give you only the options you want to have on your car.  These options include the BeSpoke audio/navigation upgrade, different wheel styles, a rear spoiler, sporty TRD springs and brakes and the six-speed automatic transmission.  These features are meant to keep with the idea of making the shopping experience for a Scion easy and hassle free which is how car buying, especially for a young shopper really should be in order to give you the car that you want to drive.

Two of best features of this car are the BeSpoke audio system and the ability to build your own car.  With the menu of stand-alone features that allow you to create your own tC the car allows you to enjoy the ability to add what you want to this car.  With these two features you will certainly enjoy a tC that is yours and unique to you which gives you a place to listen to your favorite music and have a great time when you are heading down the street in your new sports coupe.

Looking to the cabin you see a car that is comfortable to sit in and has the equipment place in a way that makes it easy to find.  For a coupe this car has a rear seat that is much larger than expected and gives you room to enjoy driving your friends around in a car that puts out the sounds you want to hear.  When you need more space the seat folds in a 60/40 fashion to expand your cargo capabilities and let you enjoy the ability to bring home some cool stuff to enjoy in your living spaces.

One the exterior the tC is a gorgeous and sporty coupe.  There is no doubting this car is made for fun and certainly lets you choose to have as much as you want.  The front has a wide lower grill that sucks in the air and looks like it belongs on a car with much more power and the narrow headlights give the car a bit of a determined look as if it’s going to take off and blow past most of the other cars on the road.  With a long hood and a great angle to the roof you can’t misunderstand this great little sports coupe which is a lot of fun to drive.

With all the sport and style included in the tC you might be surprised to learn this car shows up at the base price of $20,180.  Putting in the automatic transmission the cost will increase by $1,150 and another $900 for the BeSpoke audio system which brings the total to about $22,300 before any dealer installed add-ons are put to this little beauty.  When you want a car that gives you the sportiness you want and the dynamic ride you deserve along with the efficiency you need, stop by the Scion dealer and see what the tC has to offer you.

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