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2016 White Toyota Avalon

2016 White Toyota Avalon

When it comes to vehicle ownership there are some cars, trucks and SUVs that are simply built the way we as owners want to enjoy and become the ones we hang onto longer than any others.  Whether we love the way the vehicle drives,  enjoy the dependability or just want to avoid a payment once the vehicle has been completely paid off the choice to keep a vehicle for a longer period of time makes great sense for the vehicle s on this list.  Not surprising these vehicles have all earned the right to be kept longer because the do offer the dependability and reliability we want from our daily driving machines.  With that in mind here are the top ten vehicles kept longer with the percentage of the owner who have kept the vehicle for at least ten years or more.

Honda Element 23.1% – The Element is a square and smallish SUV that was the talk of the auto world while it was on the market.  This SUV offers a great fuel mileage and came in at a price just about anyone could afford which certainly speaks to why this would make the list.  So many enjoy their drive in this SUV that sits up nicely and takes on the daily challenges that this little beauty continues to make this list.

Honda Pilot 23.3% – Large SUVs typically seem to last a long time, especially when they are well-maintained and many Pilot owners learned this a long time ago.  As it takes up the ninth spot the Pilot has been a sizable player for this list that gives us an SUV that is great to drive and has the versatility we want on and off the road to be one of the ten most kept vehicles.

Toyota Avalon 23.8% – The Avalon is a larger sedan from Toyota that gives you lots of space and the ability to take the family out for a short weekend getaway or on a full vacation.  This car offers the ride and feels you want and has always been thought of as a car that could easily reach across the brands and be sold with Lexus badging with only a few refinements.  The Avalon gives you a car that can be your favorite for a long time as the percentage of owner that keep this car more than ten years attests to, which puts it squarely in the eighth spot on the list.

Toyota Camry 24.4% – The Camry has been one of the most loved vehicles ever.  As the overall sales leader year after years it’s amazing that nearly 25 percent of these owners will keep their Camry for ten years or more.  That certainly attests to the cars dependability and the customer satisfaction with a car that has always been built to offer us the right built and the right price for our everyday driving to be the perfect car for us to own and feel confident will give us what we need, a great ride to our next destination.

Toyota Sienna 25.4% – This one and the next one are really no surprise on this list.  The Sienna is one of the highest rated minivans on the market and has been for several years.  When you make the decision to buy a minivan you know you will have it for a long time if you love it because those little kids you put in the car seats only get bigger.  The Sienna has been satisfying customers for generations to ensure when this van is chosen no other is really considered during the time a family needs a minivan.

Honda Odyssey 25.6% – The Odyssey is similar to the Sienna in the fact that when a family buys a minivan they know they are going to drive it for several years as the children grow.  This minivan has been the highest rated for over a decade alone in order to offer you the minivan that more people have loved than any other.  The fact that so many families stick with their Odyssey lets you know this van has been reliable and given a great drive for several years to keep owners satisfied.

Toyota Highlander 26.5% – When you find the perfect outdoor and off road companion it’s like having a dog, you know you are going to be inseparable for many years and stick together until your last days together.  Many Highlander owners certainly feel this way about their SUV as this is one of the most seen off roading and giving the adventure to those who were wise enough to choose this SUV.  Once the ride in the wilderness is over you want to enjoy smooth driving on the regular roads as well and the Highlander provides that, which speaks volumes as to why it’s an SUV that has such an amazing longevity with its owners.

Toyota RAV4 28.2% – At nearly thirty percent of owner keeping this SUV longer than ten years there has to be a reason for this activity.  Sure there is and it simple, this is a great SUV.  As a crossover SUV that has always come in the right size to be easier to drive, park and admire the RAV4 makes for a great ride wherever you choose to take in and will give you the amazing features you need to have an SUV that offers a range of great creature comforts.

Toyota Prius 28.5% – The Prius seems like it just came on the market, but it certainly did not.  This car gives us the best hybrid powertrain we have ever seen and is the founder of the affordable hybrid model.  Owners who have chosen the Prius as their car to drive have learned how to save fuel and enjoyed the cost savings this car has given them.  These folks are certainly not in any hurry to give up their highly efficient models which the numbers show us with the nearly thirty percent that still have them after ten years which puts this car in the second place on the list.

Honda CR-V 28.6% – The CR-V is kept the longest of any vehicle on the road.  From the onset the CR-V was the perfect driving crossover SUV that gave us a dynamic drive and a spacious cabin full of awesome features that would make anyone crazy to give up this beauty.  More of us have held onto our CR-V than any other model because as owners have attested to, this is an SUV that is easy and fun to drive anywhere you want to take it.

What do we see with this list?  It’s no surprise that every vehicle on this list is either a Toyota or a Honda model as these two names have been synonymous with the performance that we want for our driving for many years.  The numbers certainly don’t lie and you can see why each of these awesome vehicles has been enjoyed by more owners than any others for the length of time they have been.  Will your car make it on this list at some point in time?  You can certainly contribute to this statistic by keeping your vehicle longer or, head out and buy one from this list, knowing it will be there for you as long as you need it to be.

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