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BMW K1600 by Krugger

Shows have been done, a variety of shapes and designs have been built and a ton of different looking motorcycles have prowled the roads for years, but nothing has ever looked quite like the BMW K1600 Krugger motorcycle. This motorcycle looks like it came out of a science fiction movie and is about fifty years early for its release, which is right on time for such a cool looking bike. The Krugger BMW 1600 offers a low position for the handle bars and appears to almost have no visible front fork to control the front wheel from the right side, because its placed only on the left.

The BMW K1600 by Krugger Motorcycles is built to be an amazing feat in motorcycle technology. There are seven computes on board to control every bit of the mechanics of the bike and even give the versatility of different drive modes for riders to choose from when riding this motorcycle. With computers handling all the moving parts, BMW put a powerful straight six-cylinder engine in this beast giving it 161 horsepower to take over any road.

A majority of the parts of the bike came right from the BMW factory as Krugger attempted to keep as many of the original parts in tact as possible to give the bike a mostly original look. Even with that said, some items had to be shifted while receiving the customization that took place to give the Krugger BMW 1600 a look that defies most of motorcycle technology. Some of the items that had to be shifted include the radiators that were moved to the side, a new swingarm to house the engine, the main fuel tank is now under the seat and the second fuel tank is in the tail unit.

With the massive engine and the modifications, the Krugger BMW 1600 is an extremely heavy bike, weighing in at over 700 pounds. This monster features seamless steel bodywork and a handmade aluminum build. This bike was certainly a labor of love, taking a massive 3000 hours to produce, but this became the bike that won the Motorcycle of the Year award for the company.

As with much of the other workings, the suspension is complex with a Duolever front suspension system. This system does not need sliding and is able to handle damping and steering extremely well without a great deal of play or input from the rider. The wheels are staggered with a 21-inch front and 20-inch rear to make for a great ride.

Even though the Krugger BMW 1600 is a very heavy bike, it is also extremely comfortable. With the top notch suspension and a Beringer brake system the control features give riders the confidence they need to ride this bike just about anywhere in the world. As an added bonus, the motorcycle has adaptive headlights for adjustment when driving at night and different lighting conditions. The Krugger BMW 1600 is certainly one exceptional bike for those who want to ride the best motorcycle; period.

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