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Will We Get a Hypercar from Bentley?

Bentley Hypercar

Bentley Hypercar

Automakers have been teasing us and delivering on promises for many years.  Bentley is no stranger to offering great cars both at auto shows as gorgeous concepts as well as producing some of the most attractive and highly acclaimed cars on the road.  This exclusive British automaker has been offering us some of the best items on the market.  Bentley has come out with a new tease for us to view in concept form that is nowhere near ready for production, but once it is this car is certain to steal the show and for those lucky few who will be able to afford one.

This new concept was revealed earlier this year at the Geneva Motorshow  as the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept.  What all the numbers mean is as much a guess for me as it is for you because Bentley has not given us any idea of the powertrains that might show up under the hood of this beauty.  What we have seen for this concept car is it is all Bentley from the ground up.  The entire body is built with attractive lines and curves that make for a profile you can’t stop staring at and many of the functional parts that are integrated into the overall beauty of the car.  The sleek design in a coupe form that has a rear that looks like a throwback to the fastback era this car will surely give us a car that is more than you can imagine.

Even though this concept looks like a coupe that could easily fit into a segment filled with sporty coupes with awesome styling, Bentley has not confirmed where they will go with this new concept car.  With the news that Bentley will be reviewing the car for a while to give the project some direction and learn whether the idea will be to go with a lot of carbon fiber and lightweight materials in order to be a car that should have a high powered powertrain in order to be in the top echelon of the supercars or if it should fit in with other luxury sports cars.

The supercar will cause Bentley to enter into a new part of the market.  Their cars have always been ultra-comfortable and full of great features to make you know you are driving in the lap of luxury but a supercar has not always been part of the offerings from this century old automaker.  The expectation is that this new car, if put to production will fetch a price close to $1.5 million, which would not make many Bentley owners blink an eye.

The direction Bentley will go with the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept is yet to be determined.  What has been told is the expected year of release with is 2019, giving Bentley plenty of time to show us a few more concepts that will eventually be their new and gorgeous car that is made for the sporty driving of the road and for really pushing the limits on the track.

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