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Will the next Jeep Wrangler be All-Aluminum?

Aluminum Jeep Wrangler

Aluminum has become the material of choice for building vehicles in the past few years. Many companies have worked to have their vehicles become lighter in weight by using aluminum which has been proven to be the perfect material to use because it is strong enough to withstand the challenges of driving even the most rugged of vehicles while being lighter than steel to allow engines to be more efficient than they previously were. Suggesting the new Jeep Wrangler would be made of aluminum has caused uproar at the Toledo plant it is currently built in.

The reason for the grumbling in Toledo is due to the highly expensive retooling that would have to take place in order to have the assembly lines ready for all-aluminum production. After some debate and review of the idea, the folks at FCA have changed their minds and decided they only want to build a partially aluminum Wrangler, which makes it easy enough to retool the plant in Toledo so the Wrangler can continue to be produced there.

With the good folks of Toledo happy to build the Wrangler once again, what exactly will the new Wrangler has that does aluminum and what will not be? The aluminum parts are said to be at least the hood, tailgate and doors, but will probably include other body parts in a similar effort to the Ford F-150 which now has an all-aluminum body but still has a mostly steel frame and structure.

With our favorite off road vehicle being made with aluminum body panels and parts this already awesome beast of the trails will become more fuel efficient than ever before and be more capable as the weight loss will be several hundred pounds. This gives the Wrangler a new way to outperform many of the other off road vehicles. As shown at the past few Easter excursions to Moab, the Wrangler fitted with aluminum body panels has already shown itself to perform perfectly in the desert.

So when this new Jeep shows up with its massive weight loss, what exactly will we see with the new Wrangler? Without the extra weight, the Wrangler will be able to ride over obstacles more easily than before and much more easily than other vehicles, making it a more agile Jeep on the trails. This lighter vehicle will be able to still tow others out of rough spots when off road.

On the road, the Wrangler has always been a vehicle that offers a very rough ride. With a lighter weight the new Jeep will be able to give you smoother ride, making it easily one of the more enjoyable vehicles regardless of the terrain. So, how do you make a Jeep Wrangler even better, you fit it with aluminum body panels that help to reduce the weight (which has been proven to be just as rugged with the success of the new F-150) and give it a much better overall performance by just being lighter and more agile.

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