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What makes it Grand?

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Our world is complicated; that is no secret. It seems as though car manufacturers have the potential to make us more confused when searching for a new car. With different trim levels, titles, and the plethora of models available, cars have become a complicated business. If you’ve decided that a Jeep is what you want, but can’t decide between the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee, chances are you’re wondering what makes it grand.

The Jeep name has become synonymous with a rugged and well-made vehicle that has the capability to master many different terrains, weather conditions, and driving situations. However, the difference between the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee is often shrouded in a little bit of mystery, thus making the car buying process that much more confusing.

Besides being larger, there are many differences between the Grand Cherokee and the humble Cherokee. That, however, is the largest difference between the two models offered by Jeep for those drivers that want more cargo capacity than is available on the Wrangler and other Jeeps. The Grand Cherokee offers quite a bit more space both on the exterior and the interior that the Cherokee. While the Cherokee is still quite an impressive vehicle in terms of size, the Grand Cherokee offers a more comfortable and spacious interior cabin.

There are also differences in the fuel range, tank size, and MPG. The Grand Cherokee sports a nearly 25 gallon tank that offers a respectable 17 city miles per gallon and 24 on the highway. If fuel economy is still a concern on your list, the Cherokee is essentially a smaller version of the same car, boasting an almost 16 gallon tank. The massive difference is in the highway mileage on this reduced size model, the Cherokee spits out an amazing 31 MPG. The decision here would depend on how much your wallet can handle.

Not only is the Grand Cherokee larger than the Cherokee, but it is also designed quite differently than the latter. While they look similar, the have a great deal of differences both inside and outside. There are differences in both the headlight design, wheels, and rear of the vehicle. Interiorly there is also a difference in the quality of materials used to design the dash, the plastic parts, and even the seats. If image and quality is on your list of deal breakers, then the Grand Cherokee is going to be the obvious choice.

The variations between the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are not only looks related, there are performance differences as well. The standard base model Jeep Cherokee is fitted with a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine, while the Grand Cherokee comes standard with a V6. There are upgrades available to each model as well. A Cherokee can be upgraded to a V6 at best, but the Grand Cherokee can be increased to the V8 or a diesel engine. The diesel version of the Grand Cherokee also increases the MPG to about the same level as the 4-cylinder Cherokee.

The Grand Cherokee and the Cherokee share some technological features. Options include collision warning systems with braking assistance, blind spot monitors, lane departure warnings, and a rear cross traffic alert system. One feature, offered only on the Cherokee, is the parking system that handles both parallel and perpendicular parking challenges with ease. Both vehicles still feature the UConnect infotainment system, which is one of the most highly rated systems on the market.

The decision should be easily made by what each particular driver is looking for in their car. If off-roading capability is a must-have, choose the Grand Cherokee. The Grand Cherokee also offers a more comfortable drive with better visibility and road positioning, but the Cherokee is easier to maneuver. If towing capacity is of the utmost importance, the Grand Cherokee will also be the best decision for you, as it can tow nearly 7500 pounds. One thing to consider, however, when thinking about which model you’d like to purchase is price. The Grand Cherokee comes in eight thousand dollars higher than the traditional base model Cherokee. If a lower payment is essential to your budget, the choice will be obvious.

No matter which vehicle you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you’re signing the paperwork on a fantastic brand that has offered decades of reliability and design. The quality of Jeep construction is unmatched by other manufacturers and either choice would be an intelligent one.

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