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Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG

Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG

The fact that Mitsubishi is no longer going to make the Evo certainly causes a lot of fans to be disheartened and wonder why.  The Evo was a car that was playful, fun, energetic and loud.  With a small stance and a dynamic drive the Evo certainly brought forth the feeling of excitement not found on many small cars.  Not only was this car a lot of fun to drive but it offered decent fuel mileage as it only used a small 2.0-liter engine for power to give it one of the most admired menus of statistics in its class.

Now that the Evo has gone many owners are looking for a car that will offer similar performance features and plenty fun from behind the wheel.  What is really unusual is where an Evo successor has shown up, most likely by accident, but certainly this car has some of the same driving characteristics the former Evo possessed.  The car in question is the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG which packs a huge punch in a small package much like the Evo certainly did during its entire time in production.

Using the same engine that is found on the CLA-Class, the AMG version offers an upgrade of sixty horsepower to a full 425.  That is massive and from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is nearly insane to think you can pull that much power from such a small engine.  What is even crazier is the fact this car is a small AWD sedan with this engine that produces a ton of noises to show off power and performance for anyone taking a look or driving this little beauty.  What do all these features sound like to you, and Evo of course, which offered the same features for many years.

As for the driving, the CLA45 AMG does offer a more engaged drive that is much more precision controlled than the Evo ever was.  This can be both a pro and con of this new Benz.  The pro is the fact you can now be confident the car will handle perfectly on any turn or curve found in the road, allowing you to keep the throttle down and make the car really scream.  The con of this is the lack of a playful drive that was always part of the Evo charm, of course, that playful charm certainly did more than one Evo owner in when they ran out of control.

Whether Mitsubishi had a hidden hand in creating this car or some of the designers at Mercedes-Benz were Evo owner is unknown, and more likely is this is simply a happy coincidence, but for Evo lovers this might be the answer they are looking for.  Certainly the Mercedes-Benz model is pricier than the old EVO from Mitsubishi, but I think most owners who are willing to put up the money for a car that has this kind of performance will certainly be able to justify a purchase of this kind when they find all the amazing luxury that their new Evo inspired CLA45 AMG offers.

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