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VW Golf Named Car of the Year

2015 Volkswagen Golf Blue

Given the number of cars on the road on an ordinary day, Car of the Year is a pretty big deal and this year Volkswagen’s Golf is driving away with the title. The Golf family has only won the award once before, in 1985, with the GTI. Thirty years later, the Volkswagen Golf is the undisputed choice amongst Motor Trend judges.

To take the title of Car of the Year, or COTY, Motor Trend judges a car on six different categories. The first focuses on design and how many advancements have been made in that design. The Golf made subtle changes to their body that made the judges sit up and take notice. These changes include dropping it an inch, extending it two inches, and widening it by a half an inch. Barely noticeable to the casual observer, these small adjustments added up to a streamlined and frills free design.

When tested in the second category, efficiency, all Golf models passed with flying colors. Diesel models put up numbers of 36 miles per gallon, while the brand new e-Golf boasts an impressive 83 miles. Combine excellent mileage with the speed and power of Volkswagen engines and the Golf was a crowd-pleaser in terms of an efficient drive.

As most consumers are looking for a well-made vehicle for their next car, so is Motor Trend. The third criteria by which they judge the COTY is based on just that. The new Golf comes in two hundred pounds less than its predecessor due to the new MQB, loosely translated from German to mean Modular Transverse Matrix. The MQB allows for similar components to be used on all variants of the same models and the manufacturing of the cars to happen in the same plant which saves money. Despite its lighter weight, the Golf was deemed outstandingly crafted across the board.

Another category for the Motor Trend COTY award is called “performance of intended function”, which is at best, confusing. Essentially what this means is that they test each model of Golf that is intended for different drivers to see how it performs. As Golf has a model available for each and every type of driver, Motor Trend tests each of these for performance in terms of what it claims. Once again, the Golf tested off the charts accompanying claims that the interior was roomier and more practical than most sedans.

Safety is important to everyone on the road, without question, and the COTY judges use this as a criteria for judging. Volkswagen offers a braking system that kicks into high gear once the air bags deploy to prevent catastrophic damage. Also standard in EVERY Golf model; six air bags and stability control. With the optional addition of the Driver Assistance Package, Golf models will also be equipped with a frontal collision warning.

The final aspect of testing for COTY is the cost segment. The VW Golf isn’t the cheapest car in its market, that’s for sure. However, the Golf offers an awful lot of value for your dollar. When comparing the cost against the top performance in the aforementioned categories, the Golf surpasses cars charging thousands more.

Reports from Motor Trend claim that the Golf performed, across the board, excellently. Without question, the Golf earned the COTY title for 2015 as a contender in each and every category. As an innovator, VW clinched the COTY competition.

Also making news for 2015 is the e-Golf, Volkwagen’s first entirely electric car in the U.S. This hot new model features a four door hatchback design that is completely battery powered. The compact battery pack fits in where the gas tank would be so it doesn’t take away the roominess of the interior. It looks just like the other Golf models too, save for the LED headlights, you won’t be able to tell the difference!

Offering a respectable 83 miles on a single charge, the e-Golf charges in four hours to maximum capacity. For power, VW offers charging stations at most of their dealerships and the Golf is also compatible with high-speed chargers found throughout the country available for public use. At some of these stations, a 30 minutes is equal to an 80% charge.

In comparison with the other electrics on the market, the e-Golf may be worth your while. While being made available in only a handful of states to start, this charming electric is weighing in at the top of its class. With pickup and speed unlike others of its ilk and a braking system that allows for recharging and can be set to different levels, the e-Golf may show barely noticeable differences from its gas and diesel model brethren.

Always a showstopper, VW has used 2015 to deliver a top of the line automobile at a fair price that offers maximum performance. With better leg room that some four-door sedans, the Golf is fit for everyone that sets foot inside. With a dynamic drive, ultimate safety, and speed in a fun and sporty package, the Golf will surely drive away with your vote.

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