Upgraded Elantra Performance

Upgraded Elantra Performance

For the most part, we view the Hyundai Elantra as a compact sedan or hatchback that offers us excellent fuel mileage from a small powertrain that is built to accomplish what we want for the drive. While this car does a masterful job of completing the task at hand, typically shuttling us from one place to another, this is a car we’d love to see upgraded to give us a small and active sports car that’s built from one of the most affordable models on the market. The sheer irony of a performance bargain is enough to make use smile.

When the Hyundai booth is visited during the SEMA show, a performance bargain form the Elantra is exactly what will be seen for those who want a look at something incredible. The Blood Type Racing team partnered with Hyundai to create a new BTR Edition Elantra Sport Concept that even the most experience racer would be more than happy to get behind the wheel and begin to drive. This new version of the car is one that carries on the tradition of partnership that’s been in place between Hyundai and BTR for several years.

What Have We Here?

This new version of the Hyundai Elantra is built to perform and be an amazing model with an upgraded Torcon cold-air intake, Pierce Motorsports exhaust system, a custom ECU tuning that comes from BTR, a Devil’s Own water/methanol injection system, a look that comes from BASF with a Glasurit Arancio Borealis paint job, 19-inch SSR GTX01 wheels that wear Toyo T1 Sport tires. Amazingly, these are just a few of the upgraded offered to make this a car that would be a lot of fun for the drive and certainly appears to be ready to race and bring home a few checkered flags.
Under the skin of the BTR Edition Elantra Sport Concept is an upgraded suspension that includes coilovers from HSD and Pierce Motorsports sway bar, strut tower brace, and chassis brace. Braking has been upgraded with a Fella big brake kit, the aerodynamics are improved with the use of an aggressive Aerotek custom front, side, and rear track-ready lip kit, and there is an ARP GTC-200 GT wing on the trunk. While these names and items might be Greek to you, what they spell out is a car that can race quick, stick to the track and offer fast laps to lead the way to the finish line.
The inside of this car wasn’t left out of the fun at all. Amazingly, this car shows up with OEM style sport qualities on the inside that have been re-stitched by BTR. You’ll also see a SoCalGarageWorks carbon fiber steering wheel and diamond stitched floor mats. The thought of a performance bargain has been invented and defined by the team at BTR to show off its partnership with Hyundai to make it easy for you to see what you want and show off with the performance that can be a lot of fun on any track in the BTR Edition Elantra Sport Concept.

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