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Tom Hanks has a New Car

Tom Hanks has a new car: Fiat 126p.

Why in the world would this make a headline at all? As one of the most popular and wealthy actors in the world it seems that Tom Hanks could probably afford a new car each and every week of his life for the rest of his life, which would get boring to report on. The new car that Hanks has received is a car that has quite a story to it and is one that certainly should put a smile on your face. This new car came from the generosity of others and as part of a jab at the actor himself.

Tom Hanks loves to use social media, especially Twitter and as any intelligent person would do, he doesn’t take himself or the social media too seriously at all. He’s often pictures next to some new item that he bought or next to a car that isn’t his while posting that it is his new car. He’s done this a number of times next to one particular car and when he did, it got the attention of someone he knows in a way that changed the collection of cars he may already have.

The cars he has been posing next to in Europe were Fiat 126p models. These cars aren’t much to look at but are excellent little Italian hatchbacks that offers a classic design and an enjoyable ride. When Philanthropist Monika Jaskolska saw tweets of Hanks next to this car she decided it would be a great gift for his 61st birthday. The idea was based in charity and raising funds for the Bielsko-Biala Pediatric Hospital and several individuals stepped up to help make this car a reality with a full restoration that would show off some of the personality of Tom Hanks himself.

Rafal Sonik funded the car, BB Oldtime Garage performed the restoration and Carlex Design made a brand new interior for this car. Both companies that worked on the car did so free of charge as part of the charity. Carlex Design added buttons and switches inside that resemble those of an old typewriter because Hanks has been known for his love of collecting typewriters. This car was then presented to Tom at the Bielsko-Biala charity event that was headlined by him and the event and the car attracted several thousand enthusiasts that not only wanted to see the car but were willing to donate some money to the charity.

Now Tom Hanks has his own custom built and fully restored Fiat that he can pose next to and tweet out as often as he likes. The hospital charity raised an exceptional amount of money to continue to help make sure this hospital can keep on having the facilities and offering the car to children that’s needed. This was certainly the result of some excellent people with big hearths and the generosity that it takes to make sure something this special would be able to show up and show off at a grand charity event.

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