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This Car Will Grab Your Attention

This Car Will Grab Your Attention

700 Horsepower Coming Off a Printer

We know 3D printing is going to be an important part of the future of many industries including the automotive world. Until recently, most of the vehicles and parts we’ve seen printed in a 3D format were impressive but appeared to look like a set of Lego blocks put together to ride on the road. One company, Divergent 3D is working to offer us a more advanced version of the printing technology we want in order to give us the look and feel of an amazing car that will make automakers decide they want a part of this technology.

The new product from Divergent 3D is the Blade. This is a car that offers up a 700 horsepower mid-engine drive that can be a supercar that’s completed printed using the 3D technology. This car is smooth and strong with gorgeous lines and angles that allow you to see how cool this car looks and the amazing advancements made in the interest of giving us a fantastic way to have the car and the technology that are blended together to create something special for you to drive and admire on the road.

During the build process, as discussed in the video below between Jay Leno and CEO of Divergent 3D Kevin Czinger, the discussion turns to how this car was built in which Czinger tells Leno about how this car was made using the entire pallet of metals and materials that are offered in order to build cars. In many cases, cars are built using the same metals across a full part spectrum but with 3D printing technology, the metal that’s needed for a specific part can be used in order to offer a fantastic way to create the right strength for what’s needed.

Because of the engineering and design offered in this car, you see a car that brings a tandem seating position and a build that looks like it could come from a futuristic movie. The power for this car is offered with the 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that comes out of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to power the rear wheels using a six-speed sequential transmission. While this engine might not seem powerful enough, the car only weighs 1388 pounds, which makes it possible for this car to make full use of the power and the way this engine has been tuned up for better performance.

As you take a look at the video you’ll see the future of car making technology that could easily be put to supercars in order to make them lighter and easier to produce while using a larger variety of materials. Divergent 3D is working to bring this technology to the automotive world and isn’t planning to be a car making company, but the Blade is certainly one of the most impressive things that we’ve ever seen produced using the 3D printing technology. Now the only question is which company will Divergent 3D partner with first to help build their cars better.


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