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The Volkswagen You Drive Could Save Your Life

The Volkswagen You Drive Could Save Your Life

While it might not be a typical concern of yours that you might pass out or fall asleep at the wheel of your vehicle, it would be nice to know that your car could save your life.  The reality of fully autonomous driving might not be something we see or enjoy in the next couple of years but the fact is you can have a great drive and know your car can take care of you when it’s properly equipped with some of the safety systems we already have on the market today.

Volkswagen has been working on the equipment needed to make sure you can have the best way to have the drive you want and know that if you happen to fall asleep or worse, pass out, you’ll be able to remain safe.  The new VW Arteon will be one of the most advanced vehicles on the market when it’s offered for sale and it could even save your life when needed.  This car will be equipped with the safety features that can make it possible for the car to take over when it needs to in order to keep you from being in an accident.

This new suite of safety features will be called Emergency Assist and it will not only take your car to the side of the road in a safe manner but then it can alert the Emergency Response team in your area to have help sent to your location.  This system will be one of the first steps that VW is taking toward full autonomy and is the way you’ll see an impressive and easy to enjoy the drive.  As an intelligent system, you will have some alerts that are meant to help you before the system takes over.

The way this VW system works is to constantly monitor the throttle, brake and the steering wheel to make sure you’re continually making inputs to the car.  If none of these three items has been touched in too long of a time the car will use the brakes to jolt you as the driver.  If this jolt doesn’t do the job to get your attention the car will get into the Emergency Assist most and this system will take over the drive and get you to safety in a way that uses the systems aboard the car.

In order to make its way to the side of the road, the Arteon will weave gently in the lane to alert the other drivers on the road that this car is in a danger state.  After this alert, the car will use the assist systems to move the car safely to the side of the road and park on the shoulder to make sure you can remain safe.  The car will come to a complete stop and then it will call the emergency services in your area to make sure you can have the assistance and attention that you need on the road.

While you may never use the Emergency Assist system on this car and you might never have an experience where you fall asleep behind the wheel, you still could benefit from having these features aboard.  This system is one of the most advanced features you’ll find on new cars and is a “better safe than sorry” system of safety for you.  You’ll certainly appreciate what this vehicle will offer you if you ever end up in a situation where you’ve passed out or fall asleep at the wheel out on the road when you’re driving.

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