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The Toyota Camry SE Hybrid Allows You to Go Green

2015 Toyota Camry SE Hybrid

For years we have heard about going green and working to save the planet which includes having much less emissions come out of the exhaust pipes of our cars.  This movement is not new as the cars of the mid-1970s on suffered a power decrease as the government put stricter emission standards on the automotive industry.  A parallel issue was faced for several years when the price of a gallon of gas skyrocketed past normal raises in prices and made it very costly just to drive a vehicle to and from work each day.

One of the answers to this two fold problem was the development of hybrid technology that is now used as the powertrain for many vehicles.  Toyota was the company that finally was able to build a car that had a hybrid powertrain which was reasonably affordable when they built and marketed their first Prius.  Now a hybrid variation is present on nearly every model of car and even some SUVs on the market and a Camry with a hybrid engine makes perfect sense.  This is how you blend the best-selling mid-sized sedan in the world with a powertrain that has been developed to save fuel and have much lower emissions.

What is really cool about the Camry SE Hybrid is the fact it is actually much sportier than the base model of the Camry.  This is due to using the gas-electric powertrain to bring about 200 horses for the power of the car and a much higher low end torque than can be found on the base model.  This gives you a car that offers some additional driving fun while saving on fuel which sounds suspiciously like a “win-win” situation to me.  In fact in a test run the hybrid Camry was able to reach sixty mph in only 7.2 seconds which was a full second faster than the non-hybrid version.

Even though we can brag the power of this Camry it’s not built to win any races, which means the important parts of a hybrid powertrain must be discussed.  Why do we buy hybrid cars, especially sedans?  Fuel efficiency, which the Camry SE Hybrid has at a rating of 40 city/38 hwy mpg giving you a Camry that can be driven as efficiently around town as it is out on the highway, a certain benefit many hybrid vehicles seem to possess for us to take full advantage of and enjoy.

Toyota has seen more than seven percent of the overall Camry sales come from the hybrid lineup, which is a significant number and can and should increase over time as the hybrid models gain a greater place with more power and more efficient systems.  It won’t be long before nearly every vehicle on the road is of some form of a hybrid variant; even supercars are taking advantage of this great technology for their powertrains.  When that is the case you will be proud and sure to continue to buy from the first and best name in the world of hybrid cars, Toyota, which will surely offer even better version of the Toyota SE Hybrid when that time does come to fruition.

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