The Tantalizing Look Continues

The Tantalizing Look Continues

As one of the most anticipated models that will make its way to the market this year, the Jeep Wrangler is heading to a new generation called the JL model for what we’ll see from 2018 onward. The teaser videos and photos have continued to roll in and we are amazed by what this new model of the Wrangler will bring for us to have the drive you’re looking for. As we look forward to what this SUV will offer us for the drive, we are graced with yet one more tantalizing view of what the next version of this SUV will be.

We’ve seen the outside of the new Wrangler in many of the different photos that have been shared, but the interior has been kept a mystery; until now. It’s easy to see the new look from the outside, but when you check out the new and improved interior of the Wrangler JL, you’re going to be completely amazed by what’s offered to make this an off-road vehicle that you’re going to want to drive and enjoy on the trails in your area. This new vehicle offers you premium materials and a look that’s still unmistakably Jeep.

More of What You Want

Even though the Jeep Wrangler is expected to be one of the most rugged and capable models on the trails, it’s also one that needs to be filled with the items that make your life easier when you take it out for the adventures you’re going to enjoy on a regular basis. The photos that have surfaced of the interior of this new version of the Wrangler give us the look and the thought that this SUV will certainly have what we want with the qualities that are presented for your enjoyment.

Highlighting the center of the new Wrangler dashboard is an eight-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system. You also see climate controls via the buttons that are located beneath the screen, making it easy to control your comfort in this SUV when you’re ready to take a drive. The window switches are also in the center, which makes it possible for the doors to be removed for the ride. There’s also a 12V plug for the charging you need along with an auxiliary input that will make it easy for you to hook up the electronics you want to use when out for an adventure on the weekends.

We’re going to get our full look at what the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL will be when it arrives at the LA Auto Show on November 29. This impressive off-road brute is what we’ve been looking forward to for several months so that we can see how Jeep intends for the longest running name in its lineup to be what we’re looking for when it’s time for the future. Check out the photos of the new Jeep interior and get ready for the unveiling of the vehicle that’s going to be your next adventure model at the end of the month.

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