The Next Step

The Next Step

Whenever we see a new technology or new product on the market as consumers we love what the new item offers and learn about the features and the aspects of the item. When you think about Mazda the first thing that can come to mind is the new SkyActiv technology that has been offered under the hood of the Mazda brand of vehicles that we love to drive. While we admire what the SkyActiv technology offers there has to be something new and impressive for the future of what the brand is going to have when we want an amazing brand of vehicles to drive.

Maybe we don’t think about what’s next as consumers, but the team at Mazda certainly thought about what the next step was with the SkyActiv technology and decided that next step would be the SkyActiv-X system which has been developed and will be offered under the hood of the new and improved models of the Mazda3 as the first car to use this system. For some of us, we’re still getting used to the first version of this technology, but for Mazda, the next step is the right one for them.

What Does SkyActiv-X Offer?

The first version of this specialized engine technology was easy to describe and understand. The full range of torque was delivered at a low rpm to make it easy to enjoy the drive and make use of the entire power offered for the drive on the road. This delivery allows us to accelerate quicker and get up to highway speeds sooner. This is the technology used to make the Miata fun to drive an make the entire lineup of the Mazda brand to give us what we want when we head out on the road to have a dynamic drive.

The new SkyActiv-X technology will be the first to use Spark Controlled Compression Ignition as the combustion method to allow this system to be much more efficient and right for the drive on the road. This new technology will ensure the cars powered by this system is able to have what you want when you get out on the roads and have a great drive. With this new system, we’re going to see cars that have lower emissions that are more powerful and more efficient than the modes they replace, making the Mazda lineup even better than before.

When this new system is offered in the Mazda3, we will have a new driving dynamic and a seriously improved example of what we’re looking for when it’s time to get out on the roads and take on the challenges of daily driving. Right now you might wonder what the next step is for SkyActiv technology, even before the SkyActiv-X makes its way to the market, but we should simply understand and enjoy this new technology as consumers and allow Mazda to worry about what’s next. I guarantee they are already working on what will be offered after this tech is shown off in the new models we want to drive.

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