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The Jaguar SUV Lineup Gets Hot Before it Even Gets Started

2016 Jaguar F-Pace

For the 2016 model year we will see an all-new Jaguar SUV that is the first of its kind.  For the entire relationship, Jaguar has left the SUV building to the Land Rover/Range Rover side of its business and gladly produced high powered luxury cars for the world to love.  With the 2016 model year quickly approaching, the F-Pace will be unleashed as the 4×4 crossover-sized SUV from Jaguar.  This SUV was the result from the C-X17 concept we saw for several years and promises to be the next step for Jaguar.

Even with this new SUV not even unwrapped yet,  Jaguar has announced there will be a second SUV to give us some choices as to what we want from Jaguar.  The new SUV which will be unveiled in 2019 is to be called the J-Pace.  This means the J-Pace will be the larger version of the F-Pace since the car lineup from Jaguar has the XJ above the XF in size, power and platform.  What kind of expectations should be have for the J-Pace, it’s hard to say since we haven’t even gotten to see the reaction to the F-Pace just yet.

The J-Pace is said to be built off the standard Range Rover and will have both a long and standard wheelbase to choose from.  As the improvement in aluminum architecture continue, the J-Pace is planned to have an frame and body panels that are built nearly entirely from aluminum to give the vehicle a lower weight than it would otherwise have and still have the strength it needs to be a top performing SUV on and off the road.  The J-Pace is also expected to arrive with a sportier design than the Range Rover of which it will be based.

Because Jaguar is playing in a market where every other manufacturer offers more than one SUV, the J-Pace was an inevitable choice that had to be made in order to compete.   The timing may be a bit odd, considering the F-Pace hasn’t driven its firs mile off any car lot, but with this announcement at least when you go looking for an SUV from Jaguar you know you will see a larger one in just a few short years if you decide the Jaguar name is what you want on your four-wheel drive off road beast of burden.

Jaguar has not been known for SUVs before and maybe they should have kept to improving the XJ coupe, convertible and shooting brake but this move does make plenty of sense.  It was obvious when the C-X17 showed up at auto shows that Jaguar wanted a piece of the SUV action that was taking over not just a few markets, but the entire global automobile economy.  Now they  have the F-Pace and soon the J-Pace to hang their hats on and give them a new stream of profits in a market they have never entered before.  This should prove to be an interesting and entertaining ride over the next few years, watching how Jaguar continues to improve their lineup.

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