The Inevitable Self-Driving Question

The Inevitable Self-Driving Question

What is the goal of self-driving technology? On the surface and the most important aspects of being able to have a ride in a self-driving car, these cars are going to be safer on the roads than we are right now. Because of the human reaction time and the potential for other drivers to make mistakes, we have to leave a buffer zone of space and time around our vehicle in order to avoid an accident when we drive. That won’t be the case when cars are connected to each other and have the ability to react at a speed that would make use dizzy.

While we are a long way from having self-driving cars that rocket at three-digit speeds with only inches in between each one, the reality is that is exactly whatthese vehicles will be capable of. This close relationship between vehicles will reduce the congestion on the highways, get you where you need to go faster than before and provide a higher level of safety because the computer is in charge. There won’t be any distracted driving because the car doesn’t have to put on makeup, drink coffee, use the cell phone, eat food, get tired, or become inebriated.

Bringing in the Big Question

One of the benefits of a self-driving vehicle is that you will be able to get inside your car tell it to take you home and be able to do so, even if you’ve been to the bar and had a few too many drinks. It was only a matter of time before the question of whether or not you could drink alcohol when you ride in a self-driving car was raised. This thought doesn’t apply to the cars we have on the road today, even in modes that act like self-driving machines, these models aren’t fully autonomous, which makes it illegal for you to drink when you’re in the vehicle.

Will you be able to drink when you ride in a self-driving car? The car is doing the driving and you don’t have to do anything, but will it be legal for you to have a drink and turn your car into a bar on wheels? Right now, there are open container laws that make it illegal to have an open container of alcohol in the vehicle on the road. The purpose of this is to be able to make sure the person behind the wheel hasn’t been drinking while driving.If the car is doing the driving will you be allowed to have a drink alongthe way when you take a ride? That will be a question that needs to be answered in the future, but the application of this thought may be that you have to act the same way a passenger does right now. In the world we live in now, passengers can’t drink when in the vehicle, which would make it illegal for you to drink when riding along in a self-driving vehicle of the future.

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