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The Convertibles You’ll Crave for Summer 2015

McLaren 650S

Summer may be over for most in the country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start looking to next year’s convertible season.

As a shopper, a convertible might the thought in mind, but how much will it cost? That is of course a question for many to figure out. At the top of the pricing and performance categories resides some really great convertibles that could be had for anyone willing to put the money into buying one of these great beauties. Here are the ten most expensive convertibles for 2015 to get someone looking for a high performance convertible to start their shopping.


The Z4 from BMW offers owners a fantastic driving experience. With high performing steering and suspension as well as offering a very sporty feeling inside and out, the Z4 has a great deal of appeal for anyone.

This great two-seater car carries an MSRP of $66,750. That really is a great price for such a high performing car that will hug the curves and make it easy for any driver to enjoy the ride along their favorite highway. With the signature BMW split grill front and a serious sports car style the Z4 is a car that is exciting to drive and looks awesome anywhere it goes.

Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is a name that makes hearts skip a beat, turns onlookers green with envy and offers plenty of thoughts of nostalgia. The 2015 version of the Corvette is leaner and meaner by far offering a high degree of aerodynamics, an eye catching appeal at every angle of the car, and simply screams to the world that the owner has bought their dream car.

Giving owners that check mark on their bucket list allows many to fully appreciate and enjoy the Corvette. The Corvette for 2015 carries an MSRP of $59,995 for the Z51 Stingray model.

Jaguar F-Type

The F-Type comes into the list as a high performance sports car that begs for attention. This begging is not only obvious from the awesome looks of the car that show up as a sweeping hood line, swept back headlights, very cool aerodynamic features as well as a full bevy of features to enjoy inside, but the F-Type has an exhaust system in place that adds some serious growl to the mean beast.

Once inside the car, there aren’t any left out details as the car offers precision performance, a great deal of balance, and control to offer any driver a ride that is virtually unmatched. The F-Type comes into the list carrying an MSRP of $92,925 for owners to be able to purchase this high performance machine from Jaguar.

BMW 6 Series

The BMW 6 Series is a true luxury convertible that allows owners and passengers to ride in high-class style. Adorned with the signature split grill front end the 6 Series allows owners to know they have not only bought a great car, but added to the overall curb appeal of their home as well.

The 6 Series has a long hood, low roof angle, very well designed body molding that makes the car look long and high end features all around it to ensure the occupants enjoy the great style and equipment offered from BMW. The 6 Series can be had for an MSRP of $90,950 which is really a great price for this beautiful luxury offering from BMW.


At the top end of the 6 Series line is the M6 that has the ability to stand alone. This high performing sports coupe is made to compete with many of Europe’s supercars but in a way that allows owners to have a full array of luxury equipment to enjoy.

The M6 offers a more powerful engine and a sports suspension which starts out setting it apart from the rest of the 6 Series models. Add the offering of some unique interior design features, and the car coming only in a coupe version and the M6 does have distinct differences than the rest of the lineup which is why it offers the ability to stand alone. The M6 can be had for an MSRP of $113,785.

Jaguar XK Series

The slightly less sporty, but no less capable offering from Jaguar to go along with the F-Type is the XK. The XK is the more serious version of the two from Jaguar offering an appeal that is bathed in grace, elegance, style and sophistication. As a convertible, the XK shows off with some hint at fun in the sun or along a winding canyon drive of which this car could truly handle.

The XK is full of luxury features for owners to enjoy and makes an easy to enjoy car that can be sported up when an owner chooses to do so. Shoppers looking to get into an XK will have to pay an MSRP of $138,895 to make that dream a reality.

Mercedes-Benz SLS-Class

A car that looks like it should be competed at LeMans or showing up in a great car chase movie is the SLS-Class offered by Mercedes-Benz. The SLS-Class shows off with a wide mouth grill on the front adorned by the three point star logo and then moving up to the set back headlights that are covered intelligently to offer aerodynamic looks. The hood is long, low and slick moving into a low roof angle.

The side of the car is full of great body shaping and keeps the eye interested from the front to the rear. The SLS-Class is a two-seater model that has a lot of aggression under the hood for owners to enjoy. Inside this cool looking car is a full package of Mercedes-Benz high end luxury features to enjoy and really create a driving experience like no other. The SLS-Class can be had for an MSRP of $206,605; a pretty penny to pay, but for anyone who can afford it, this car is well worth the money.

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Longer than the SLS by adding a back seat and extra space, the SL-Class does not lose any of the great looking features offered by the SLS-Class. The instant visual differences are a designer-style of headlights and slightly more sophisticated styling that allow the SL-Class to be the car of choice for the crowd that is looking for one of the awesome cars for business needs and not just for pleasure.

The SL-Class is full of luxury features and an awesome steering and suspension system that keep the car fully planted on the road. This makes the car a joy to drive on any canyon run or the windiest highway. The SL-Class can be had for an MSRP of $217,475 for the high end luxury customers to enjoy.

McLaren 650S

The McLaren 650S has been built to compete with the Ferrari and Lamborghini cars that have had the world swooning for generations. The 650S is a very high performing super car that demands attention whether it’s cruising along city streets or screaming down the highway.

The 650S offers intricate sport stylings from the curvature of the headlight mounts and split grill ports to the track ready looks that seem like it left the race behind in confusion. The 650 S is offered with an MSRP of $283,925 which is a massive price, but the car offers the opportunity to compete against the best in the world when it comes to horsepower, handling and speed.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Tired of being overlooked as the top super car automaker in the world, Porsche comes out strong with the 918 Spyder. Having a reputation for the past several years of offering sports cars that are still highly sought after and high performing, but just not as exciting as they used to be, Porsche put some excitement into the 918 Spyder that looks like it really belongs on a track.

The Spyder features a long pointed front end with set back headlights covered for added aerodynamics a set of side ports that are really interesting as they appear to almost swallow the car up. The car is dynamic in appearance and fun to look at as well as being full of Porsche sport features an impressive handling and suspension and the ability to make any driver forget all about the other automakers on the planet. The 918 Spyder can be bought for an MSRP of $929,995 which means it is certainly not for everyone, but it is for those who can buy it.

Going as expensive as possible, the range of prices on this list is amazing. From well under $100,000 to almost $1,000,000 the list has a huge price span, but shows off ten of the most fully capable cars offered for 2015. Figuring out which one to buy obviously starts with the price, then it’s on to what features can be had for that price, allowing shoppers the opportunity to dream, compare, and test drive until they find the right car for their driving pleasure.

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