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The Air Force’s Dodge Vapor May Be the Coolest Car Ever Built

Air Force Dodge Vapor

If you look to the various fictional vehicles that have hit the big screen over the years, you’d still be hard pressed to find a vehicle more impressive or desirable than the Dodge Vapor. With stealth technology applied to a Dodge Challenger, they were able to produce a vehicle that you’ll never see coming, at least not on radar.

It’s more than just a modified Challenger, though. The Vapor has a matte finish that is absorbs radar. Add carbon fiber tire caps, aerodynamic elements throughout, and an insane grill and they’re able to refocus airflow for maximum noise reduction and drag.

Driving one isn’t easy thanks to the interior modifications. Rather than a steering wheel, it has an aircraft yoke. In place of the gear selector, it has a throttle lever. Three LCD monitors appear where the dashboard normally goes to give the driver full access to more than just iTunes. It has thermal imaging. Combine that with a 360-degree night vision camera on top and you have a vehicle that can drive in absolute darkness.

In essence, they built a cockpit inside and a futuristic aircraft outside. The only thing it’s missing is wings and missiles… as far as we know.

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