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The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: Made to Live Up to Its Name

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

The 2015 Hellcat is a real beast of the blacktop that is serious about power and performance from every angle. Add to this a high quality and deftly adorned interior that is completely laden with sports inspired features and equipment and the Hellcat is a car many power-hungry enthusiasts will be clamoring to add to their collection.

The Hellcat is powered by the most powerful V8 engine offered by Dodge in its entire long history coming in a 6.2-liter size and pushes over 600 horsepower to take on any other car on the road today. The base Challenger SRT does come standard with an upgrade in power from 470 up to 485 horsepower to enjoy. The base model also offers an available eight-speed automatic transmission that replaces the five-speed automatic from previous years. The Hellcat engine is matched up with either an eight-speed automatic or a six speed manual transmission. Production for the Hellcat is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2014 and comes in as a highly anticipated launch from Dodge.

Some of the technological advancements include security of the high powered Hellcat engine by use of different key fobs and modes. A red key fob is in place to unleash the full power of this massive beast and a black key fob will limit the output of the power train. A third option is the Valet mode which is accessible from a PIN code and limits the engine to 4,000 rpm, employs the full controls of the stability control modes, and disables any performance launch features along with other limitations. All this control on the power allows owners to pick and choose who really can enjoy the full features of the Hellcat because Dodge understands not every driver is actually capable of controlling such a powerful monster.

Even though the power and engine are what conversations will be about when the Hellcat is the subject, the Hellcat is also equipped with Dodge’s larges front brake package. A full set of 15.4-inch Brembo rotors with six-piston calipers are in place to ensure this powerful beast can be stopped quickly and controlled expertly. As a comparison, the Viper only offers 14-inch brake rotor even for the track ready models. The massive brakes on the Hellcat are available on other models of the Challenger SRT when the Track Pack is chosen for the car.

The larger brakes are certainly necessary since the Hellcat comes in weighing a stout 4,449 pounds with the manual transmission and 4,439 with the automatic. As a comparison the Camaro ZL1 weighs in at 4,120 with the manual transmission and 4,149 with the automatic, and the Mustang GT 500 is only 3,850 pounds.

Different drive modes can be selected for the Hellcat including Sport, Track and Default to alter horsepower, transmission shifting, steering feel, and the traction and suspension calibrations. Another very cool setting is the Custom setting that allows a driver to mix and match component performances from all three settings to create the settings that are perfect for them.

On the inside the Hellcat offers Dark Engine Turn finish with an aluminum-stamped center console. Add the Napa leather seats and Alcantra suede-like materials throughout the inside of the car and the car has a much classier feel than would be expected along with a huge amount of sporty feel throughout. If desired, Laguana premium leather upholstery is available for anyone who might desire it. The seats are also heated and ventilated for added comfort and riding pleasure.

On the outside the Hellcat is adorned with supercharged badges to include an aluminum hood with scoop and heat extractors, black sills and a larger front splitter. Twenty-inch aluminum wheels finish out the menacing appearance that is displayed across the entire vehicle. These aluminum wheels are covered in matte-black with an optional dark bronze finish to continue the entire feel of power, speed, and overall street crushing muscle of this awesome vehicle.

The 2015 Hellcat is certainly a muscle car that demands attention and should gain a very loyal following with all the power that could ever be desired from this mean beast. With the addition of the controls that limit who can enjoy the power, owners are able to be even a bit more selfish than ever before and are not required to share all the awesome features and equipment this big bad cat has to offer.

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