Sometimes, Even the Helpers Need Help

Sometimes, Even the Helpers Need Help

There have been a variety of devastating events that have taken place over the past few weeks. With hurricane season squarely upon us we’ve seen massive flooding and damage in areas that have been directly in the path of any of these massive storms. When Hurricane Harvey landed in the Houston, TX area this storm stopped and stayed in place to rain several inches of precipitation in the area. Eventually, the amount of water that hit the area reached over three feet of flooding in some areas, which was more than many vehicles could handle.

Even though there were several emergency responders to the hurricane, and efforts began to get as many people and pets out of the flooded areas as possible, some areas were just too flooded even for the emergency vehicles. While there were certainly many of the National Guard vehicles that were able to handle the job, when the flooding was too much and the emergency vehicles got stuck, the victims of this massive storm were in trouble and needed more help. This is when those that had the right equipment got to work to help the helpers.

A Cadillac that Handled the Job

When you take a look at the video below you’re going to see an amazing and lifted monster truck that is a Cadillac Escalade on steroids. This big brute came to the rescue in the area with the ability to handle deep water and the low-end power to push through where the trails and the roads ended. This was the truck that was leaned on to have the drive you’re looking for in order to make sure some of the stuck vehicles would be able to get pulled out of the trouble including those vehicles from the National Guard.

This massive and impressive Cadillac was called upon to get the job done and know that the ground clearance that would fit a Ferrari under the wheels. This big brute was able to pull out several models around the area as it traversed the flood waters and rescued people and vehicles around the area. As this massive brute was one of those used during the flooding of the Houston area more people were able to be saved because this truck and others were able to help the helpers and to pick up other vehicles and stranded victims along the way.

The big Cadillac monster truck was only one of the many trucks that were owned by private citizens that leaped into action when the flooding began and the devastation was taking place. People were coming from miles around to rescue and aid in any way they could. While Houston will probably take years to fully recover from this Hurricane, this catastrophic even captured the hearts and generosity of the nation to allow many of us to offer the assistance we could to make sure people could be saved and the helpers would be able to continue to help and offer the aid needed.


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