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01.13.16 - 2016 Smart Fortwo

01.13.16 - 2016 Smart Fortwo

The Smart Fortwo is the most popular car from the brand that is built to be the smallest car on the market and give us a car that offers an awesome amount of fuel mileage while taking up the least amount of space in parking space.  The Smart Fortwo is a great little city car that can easily maneuver in and out of the city with ease and offer you room for two to be inside the car on the way to the store or out to dinner.  This is a fun and funky little car that seems to be so small you wouldn’t even notice it in your living room.

To make this tiny little car one that you will want to enjoy even more the Fortwo is not going topless.  With the top down you can see a car that is more exciting than ever with the fold down roof that stores in the rear and adds a bit of style to the car.  When the weather is bad the new Fortwo will keep you covered, but more of the time you will be able to enjoy the ride with the top down and the wind in your face while blowing through your hair.

This makes for a Fortwo cabriolet model that is close to identical to the hard top version of the car.  The expectation is that the new cabriolet version of the Fortwo will arrive for the 2017 model year.  When you take a look at the Fortwo you can see the attraction to this car.  It’s been called cute many times and is a little car that makes for a place you can have a fun ride to where you want to go which could be a fun destination like the beach or to a lake as much as you can weave this little beauty in an out of the city traffic.

Since the convertible roof is now the biggest new item on this tiny little car let’s see how this feature works.  The roof has three different positions: closed, partially open and fully lowered.  When you do lower the roof all the way you have to remove a set of cross beams manually and store them in the trunk to have the ability to enjoy the most airflow through the car which gives you the full open air feeling you want to enjoy.  The overall improvement of this roof is that the roof is four percent larger than before which is significant because this car is so much smaller than most other cars on the market.

In order to have a stiffer car the Fortwo cabriolet has a large steel underbody brace that helps to improve the structure of the car.  With a car that is fifteen percent stiffer than the older model you can be confident driving the Fortwo, giving you a way to know the steering and control will be as good as or better than having a full roof covering the car.  You will even have better rollover protection with the new steel tube that is inside each A-pillar.

When you think about it, having a new cabriolet version of this tiny car makes perfect sense and can give us a great way to enjoy the ride in a car that only has 89 horsepower and a 0.9 liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that also makes 100 lb.-ft. of torque.  You can choose from a six- speed dual clutch automatic transmission or a five-speed manual version to take care of the shifting needs of the car.

When turning radius, fuel mileage and a small footprint are important to you the new Smart Fortwo Cabriolet is the car you can choose to add the top down fun that you can have when the weather is right.  Don’t look past this tiny and cute car to choose another, when your driving consists mostly of citywide trekking this is the way you can have fun and go fully topless.


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