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Showcase Rides from SEMA 2015

Pink Lexus

Pink Lexus

With the show behind us the amazing way tuners made their creations better and more fun to drive over the typical showroom and off the line production model.  With a large show to enjoy there were several cars that made the cut to be the best you could enjoy from this amazing annual event.  Here are several of the models that made the grade to be included in this list of great offerings from SEMA 2015.

Ringbrothers Carbon-Fiber 1965 Ford Mustang Wide Body Kit This kit helps to recreate the “Espionage” car that was popular at the time.  With this carbon-fiber body kit and a 1965 Mustang you too can have a car that resembles this version that carried in a massive 959 horsepower.

The carbon fiber kit you can buy for your Mustang includes a hood, trunklid, front fascia, rear fascia, grill surround, rear sail panels, rear quarter panels, a rear bumper, fenders, doors, wheel tubs and a roof panel.  This seems to be an all-inclusive kit that allows you to have the car you want at the price of $37,585 for the kit which turns this into an amazing car to behold.

1970 Chevrolet Performance Camaro Concept How often do we see a concept car come back around and show up at one of these shows?  The answer is, not very often, but this concept from the time shows itself as one of the perfect cars for you to enjoy at the show or out on the road.

This awesome concept car from yesteryear is powered by an LT4 engine which is the same one found in the newest version of the Corvette Z06.  This makes for a car that is even more powerful than the current SS model of the Camaro and certainly gives us a car that offers a lot of assists to make it one seriously amazing machine.

1940 Mercury Sport Coupe by Rob Ida CustomsAs one of the very first hot rod cars this Mercury showed up with body work that had been completely redone.  This included a massive amount of metal to even cover the wheels with fairings that made for one of the most intriguing pieces at this show.

Even though this beauty is built form the ground up it has the detailed appearance of a car that came off the assembly line in perfect condition and is ready to ride.  Every part of this car is custom made all the way down to the hand fabricated leather boots that cover the suspension ball joints near the wheels to show you what a custom fabricator can do.

Premier Performance Products “Six Pack” This is certainly the ideal bigger is better car as it offers you the combination of both a six-cylinder Cummins diesel engine  and six nitrous-oxide bottles that make it a car that shows off a ride that is just as wild as its appearance.

To give you an idea of that crazy and drastic appearance you can see 14-inch wide and 20-inch diameter tires that this beast rides on in a full open wheel fashion.  This vehicle has been lifted 2.5 inches to add a bit of necessary height to keep this crazy car rolling over whatever gets in its way.  This monster will pull a full 1300 horsepower and give you 3000 lb.-ft. of torque to make it one of the most powerful machines with four wheels.

Stanceworks Rusty Slammington BMW ReduxThis is actually a rebuild of one that was lost in a fire several years ago.  Brought back from the dead this car is unbelievable with awesome bodyworks, an insane engine and the right features to make hot rodding a lot of fun.

You can quickly see where every bit of this car has been cut and added a massive amount of metal that has been added in order to create a car that should easily compete at a demolition derby.  Under the nonexistent hood the engine is a considerably worked over BMW inline six-cylinder offering that makes for crazy power and creates a car that is an awesome front-mid engine brute on the road.

Velocity Wheel Superman Chrysler 300This is one car that not only made the list of showcase rides but also the list of ugly cars.  Yes this is a cool car to drive in and enjoy, but the tribute to Superman seems out of place unless it is of course about to be ready to adorn a movie opening.

If you love Superman this car is the one that will capture your attention with a bust coming out of the trunk floor and one seated to the rear of the cargo space.  Inside the car the color scheme is carried forward with yellow, blue and red adorning nearly every part of the car.  One really cool feature is the way the doors on this 300 open and close in Lamborghini fashion.

No matter which car you like the best, these few are certainly ones that grabbed a great deal of attention for a good reason at the SEMA show.  This shows you just what happens when you mix imagination with the right tools, you get results that make you wonder just why we don’t already have something like them in production and these come from the tuners which give you the chance to upgrade your old ride to crazy heights if desired.

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