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Plug-In Car Sales Rise In The Month Of May

2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

As fuel prices begin to move upward again in recent months, consumers are looking for ways to offset the cost of gasoline and diesel. Some are even looking at electric and plug-in vehicles as a viable driving option. Those that commute to work, can especially benefit from an electric plug-in vehicle. With consumers being more conscientious, plug-in vehicle sales are on the rise for the month of May.

May through August typically are the higher sales months for electric plug-in vehicles. The best selling electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, saw sales of 2,104 cars for the month of May, giving the Leaf a five month total of 7,742. Greater Atlanta is thought to be part of the contributors to the month of May as their 5,000 tax credit is due to expire.

Chevrolet’s Volt also saw a surge of sales in the month of May up to 1,618 vehicles delivered, making their five month total 4,397 units delivered for 2015. Next up, BMW. The BMW i3 both battery electric and range extended versions totaled 818 vehicles delivered and their five month running total is 3,906. The Volkswagen e-Golf upped its sales to 410, which is the best month they have had since it went to market in October of last year. This gives the e-Golf a 5 month total of 1,225.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class electric drive totalled 278 vehicles in May giving it a five month total of 930 units delivered. The Toyota Prius, not to be outdone sold 727 plug in vehicles bringing its five month total to 2,426. Finally, Ford’s plug-in hybrid Fusion sold 986 in May and C-Max compact tall wagon sold 715 for the month of May bringing Ford’s five month totals to 3,563 and 2,876.

With the economy booming and auto sales at an all time high since 2001, We can expect to see electric vehicles continue to rise in sales. Since there is no guarantee on gasoline prices, consumers are being conservative and protecting themselves against potential surges in price. Leases are also a great option right now with all of the special rates available and since many consumers may be concerned about warranty with such pricey equipment, it might be the best option for plug-in and electric vehicle buyers.

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