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Path Found

One of the best things about being an independent adult is finding your own way in the world. It’s about stepping off the trails, really exploring life, and soaking everything in. When we’re kids we have to take the way our parents have laid out for us, we don’t get to choose the direction we’re headed, and then adulthood hits, and we get to find our own path.

In the mid-eighties, Nissan released a vehicle that was perfect for those with an exploring soul and a thirst for something different; the Pathfinder. Like the name says, it’s made for those working on finding their own path. Introduced in 1985 a two door sports utility vehicle based on Nissan’s small pickup frame, the Pathfinder was meant to compete with Ford’s Bronco II or Toyota’s 4Runner. 1990 saw the departure from the two door model, and the four door was introduced.

When looking back at the first generation of Pathfinder’s that were released in comparison with the newest Pathfinder, it may take some time to connect the dots between the various redesigns. However, one thing every Pathfinder possesses is Nissan’s commitment to the production of excellent vehicles that hold their value.

While no official release dates have been announced for the 2016 release of the Pathfinder, Nissan is still holding strong with the 2015 edition, and proudly so. The 2015 Pathfinder has been the recipient of a handful of pretty important awards in the automotive field, including being an IIHS Top Safety Pick, One of the Best Family Cars on KBB.com, and a 2015 Most Popular Vehicle on Edmunds. It’s no wonder people are anxiously awaiting the release of the 2016.

According to recent updates, there won’t be a huge change to the exterior of the new Nissan Pathfinder, as many anticipated. Instead, the SUV will retain its current looks with slight updates to the back end and a different taillight design. Most of the changes are being focused on the interior of the vehicle instead, and early reports are already cheering.

Nissan made the effort to take the former interior of the Pathfinder, and completely redesign it to make the comfort of passengers the number one priority. They worked harder at ensuring that the inside focused on design and flow, just as much as the exterior does. From the newly redesigned dashboard that uses all new materials for a more cohesive and natural appearance to the now standard 7-inch display and backup camera, 2016’s Pathfinder looks to be just as popular as last year.

Early reviews are applauding Nissan for truly considering the needs of those in the rear seats of third row SUVs. While not exactly a comfortable ride for a six-foot adult, the third row of the Pathfinder will actually be functional for additional seating. A more spacious seating set-up, an AC system that ensures every seat has access to cool air, and a primo sound system are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the 2016 Pathfinder will offer.

Reviews are claiming there will be two different engines available. A base engine will be a 3.5 liter V6, that’s boasting 260 horsepower and over 250 pounds of Torque. The Pathfinder will be standard with front-wheel drive and have the option for four-wheel, no departure from previous models. However, there will also be a hybrid option that, as early reviews are claiming, dramatically increases the gas mileage of this large SUV.

Enthusiastic reviewers are claiming that a drive in the seven-passenger Pathfinder can be somewhat dismaying, as you’ll never realize you are driving a vehicle that size. With the handling of a well-made sedan and the cargo and spaciousness of an SUV, the 2016 Pathfinder will certainly be offering the best of both worlds. This serves as great news for those uncomfortable with the driving mechanisms of traditional SUVs.

What started out as a standard SUV with the 1985 version with a boxy body on frame design, has evolved into a sophisticated and well thought-out piece of machinery that is focused on safety, security, and comfort. While 2016 won’t be a full redesign, there are certainly enough changes to make 2016 a very special year for those leaving the lot in a Pathfinder.

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