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Out With the Old; In With the New

Out With the Old In With the New

Volkswagen may be developing more EV models over the next decade than most auto brands have in their entire history, but this brand is also continuing to pay attention to the quality and build of its current lineup. With the addition of the Atlas for the 2018 model year, Volkswagen has increased its position for the SUVs that we can enjoy but one car that will take the world by storm and let us have more to imagine from Volkswagen than ever before will be the new Arteon which will replace the outgoing CC in the lineup.

The Arteon will be the higher level, nearly luxury car from Volkswagen that will be offered at a price that’s similar to what the CC costs now while giving us a higher level of luxury. This is the car that VW is banking on making a move up in the market and it will arrive in the US as part of the 2019 model year after spending some time being offered in Europe first. The one thing that could delay the Arteon making its way to the US is the tariffs that might be placed on foreign-made cars, but if that were to happen, VW would be able to revamp the Chattanooga plant and build this car here as well as in Germany.

This new model is expected to be something special and it will have some self-driving technology aboard to let you relax a little more in the stop and go traffic you fact up to a speed of 37 mph. In addition to this upgrade and modern innovation, this car will offer rear-end crash protection, an Emergency Assist to wake you up if you’re detected as drowsing off behind the wheel, and more features to help make sure you can stay informed and safe while driving.

There are expected to be six engines that will be offered for the Arteon but only three will be allowed in the US as the other three are all diesel engines. The expected engine we will receive to start with will likely be a turbocharged V6 while we can also expect to see a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TSI engine that makes 276 horsepower and has direct and port fuel injection to give the car more power at lower rpm. The top speed with this smaller engine aboard is expected to be around 155 mph and the time to reach sixty mph will be less than 5.6 seconds.

This new car will give us the European driving we want with a step up and a modernization on the car we already enjoy on the roads. The Arteon will be a car that’s refined and practical while also being exciting and engaging which is what we’ve been looking for and typically find in the luxury segment of the world. When the Arteon makes its way to the market, it will be time to be excited about what this car is and how it can become the right model for you to drive and enjoy from Volkswagen.

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