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01.19.16 - EHang 184

01.19.16 - EHang 184

What is one of the new items on the market that seems to give us the adrenaline rush of our lives?  If you answered this question with “a drone” you would be correct.  The fun of flying a drone over your house or in your city can be a lot of fun and for some industries this can even become a great tool for some industries to use and have a great time seeing what can be captured on camera.  Now there is a way you can enjoy this view in person rather than from a camera, or at least there might be at some point on the market soon.

At the Consumer Electronics Show a flying pod was unveiled from EHang which is a battery powered drone that has a one person pod in the middle of it.  This could be the greatest toy every to make it to consumers in a few years as it gives us a way to enjoy the flight in vehicle that won’t have to land in an airstrip like a helicopter.  Not only is this a great flying machine for us to enjoy, it can fly autonomously which will allow you to take video and pictures without the need to focus on the actually flying of the vehicle.

Looking at some actual statistics the EHang 184 as it’s called has eight rotors and motors to use during flight.  This machine measures only 152.2 inches long and 153.5 inches wide which makes it just shorter each way than the Honda Fit.  The rotors arms fold up to make sure you can take up a smaller footprint when the vehicle is parked.  Built of carbon fiber and aluminum the EHang 184 weighs 441 pounds and the eight electric motors come to a total output of 140 horsepower and can travel at 62 mph making this a great way to handle your daily commute rather than driving in your car.

As an autonomous flying machine that can get you to your workplace directly without any input from you your commute can be shortened to the distance that is direct from origin to destination while you enjoy a book, a nap or a video on the screen of your tablet to give you more peace during your commute instead of sitting in traffic, which can seriously stress you out on your ride from place to place.

Whether you buy this drone to be a great hobby or for your commute to and from work each day this would be a great new feeling, being able to fly around wherever you want to.  The highest you can fly this drone is 1640 feet above the ground, but you won’t be interfering in the business of any air traffic in the area.  The EHang 184 can only carry 220 pounds of payload which means the pilot and maybe one bag so pack light, but this one way to travel where you not only use only electric power, but get the fun of flying over having to drive.

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