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Looking for a New Car, Check These Out

2016 White and Blue Ford Mustang

With the 2016 model year right around the corner you may have been waiting for the new version to arrive in order to purchase the new vehicle you have had your eye on.  On the other hand, you might be someone who knows you need a new car but have put it off for far too long only to find that you will soon have to get a new vehicle.  Either way, the 2016 model year is coming quickly, with that in mind here is a look at ten models for your consideration; one might be the new ride you have been looking for.

Ford Fusion/EnergiThe Ford Fusion shows up in 2016 as a model that has not been changed except for minor trim level changes.  When you choose the hybrid model you gain the EcoSelect button that allows you to gains some efficiency on the fly.  The addition of 18-inch Ebony Black wheels is offered on the Luxury model and in the Appearance edition.  The fusion has been a favorite of many drivers.

Ford MustangThe Mustang comes in a variety of choices to select from and drive trains that will give you a performance you are looking to enjoy.  Whether you want the EcoBoost engine for some great driving with fuel efficiency or you are looking to gain massive performance the Mustang has an offering that will give you exactly what you need.  Get yourself a piece of Americana by purchasing the Mustang.

Ford Taurus2016 will be the last year for the Taurus in its current form.  As a large sedan the Taurus has given us years of great driving at a price that can be easily enjoyed.  This certainly creates a dilemma for you regarding the choice to buy a Taurus or to wait one more year and see what the next generation brings about.  Of course with the new generation on the horizon there is no reason to have any changes and there aren’t for this car.

Honda Accord The Accord has been a strong player for a long time and comes into 2016 with several changes to make it even better.  These include the updated front and rear along with LED lighting, new wheel designs, the Honda Sensing suite and much more.  One major change is the deletion of the plug-in model of the Accord, but sales showed we didn’t like this very much anyway.

Honda CivicThe Honda Civic has been completely updated to bring us the tenth generation model that is amazing and new.  The two-tier dash is gone and the 2.0-liter direct injected inline four-cylinder or turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine can be found under the hood.  This car is quick off the line and a lot of fun to drive at a price that nearly everyone can afford.

Honda CR-ZThis little hatchback adds some upgraded style features that include a new grill and front end.  The Honda Display Audio system and hands free keyless entry and starting are also added along with the LaneWatch system and electronic parking brake, a new center console.  Even though this sounds like a lot of changes its not and the CR-Z continues to be a great hatchback to enjoy on any drive.

Honda FitIt looks tiny on the road, but when you step inside you are greeted with a roomy interior.  This is certainly one of the tricks of the Honda Fit, another being the fantastic amount of fuel mileage you will get with this car that is able to accommodate a surfboard when needed.  There is plenty of rear legroom in the rear and even 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space when the seats are down to are versatile for your needs.

Hyundai AccentThe Accent was freshly updated last year so there isn’t much change for 2016.  The Accent is a great entry level hatchback or sedan that allows you to have a car that can give you plenty of space for your stuff, your friends or just for you.  With excellent fuel mileage and a lot of great equipment inside the Accent makes the right car for a young driver or a student heading off to college to have a great vehicle to drive as well.

Hyundai Azera For a car that feels a lot like a luxury model, the Azera is quite a lot of fun to drive and offers a very comfortable seating arrangement.  This car shows up in the class with the large sedans but is not quite as large as most of them, but when you add in the standard leather seats, navigation system and the Infinity premium audio system.

Hyundai Elantra/Elantra GT – When you want to buy a vehicle that has a lot of great standard features Hyundai is the brand to turn to for these features.  The new Value Edition of the Elantra comes with a sunroof, hands free entry and start and heated front seats.  The Limited offers you the dual zone climate controls and the GT is certainly a sporty edition.

Most of this group involves sedans and family cars that are designed to give you some great value at a fantastic price.  Even the one high performance car in this group, the Mustang, offers a way to have great fuel mileage at the base level with the right power plant.  Which one of these offerings is right for you?  Is it a hatchback or a sedan or maybe even the Civic or the Mustang which offer the most sport?   

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