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It’s Time for the Tesla Model X

White Tesla Model X

White Tesla Model X

With the Frankfurt Auto Show behind us where we saw a variety of vehicles that were labeled as Tesla fighters which offered similar features to the Tesla lineup.  Whether this was the push needed to let us know the Model X was finally going to come to production or it’s just a coincidence is unknown, but the Model X is finally ready and will make its way to customers very soon.  The first date some of these SUVs are expected to be delivered is on September 29 to those who have ordered and built their new Model X online.

The Tesla lineup has become more of a luxury paradise than just a place where people go who want to enjoy a car that is electrically powered.  Even though all Tesla models are powered by electricity the vehicles are easily some of the most technologically advanced on the market, full of awesome equipment and features in order to be some of the most admired and sought after vehicles available today.  This gives those buying a Tesla the best of both worlds as the cars that are already on the road are admired for being green vehicles and some of the best drives because of the amazing balance offered in the vehicle.

What some who are ordering and awaiting the delivery of their Model X are finding is the fact that the Signature Series SUV has changed its range a bit.  Previously the maximum range that was listed on the site was 240 miles which has now been replaced with an upgrade to 250 miles worth of range.  The Signature Series is the only version of the Model X that can be made with a reservation right now, but as this model becomes more popular and production continues other models will become available for ordering.

The price of this SUV starts at $132,000 and it comes with a 90 KWh battery, the Tesla Autopilot system, an air suspension with GPS memory and a host of other top end luxury features.  There is an upgrade of the aptly named Ludicrous Speed package which increases the price by $10,000 and makes it so the Model X is able to reach sixty mph in only 3.2 seconds.  When we finally see the standard Model X on the market the cost will only be about $5,000 more than a similarly equipped Model S.

Now that soon to be owners can see the Model X they can order online they have a much better idea of the cargo capacity of this performance oriented SUV.  The new pages show a third row seat that folds down, a Model X full of boxes and even an image of one that has a bicycle in the back of the SUV.  With all this new information and the finally starting to be delivered Model X this will soon be one of either our favorite or most hated vehicles to discuss; it really only depends upon how you feel about Elon Musk and Tesla.

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