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Inspired by Flight

Inspired By Flight

Have you ever noticed the shape of an airplane wing? These wings are bulbous up front and taper to the rear where the flaps are. This shape allows the air to flow over and under the wings with ease to allow them to cut through the air and help the load lift off the ground. While we don’t want our cars to take flight from the ground, especially considering the need to have friction on the ground for the drive, we do want these vehicles to be capable of cutting through the air in order to provide the aerodynamics needed.

Aerodynamics is one of the most important aspects of driving an EV model on the road. The more aerodynamic the vehicle is the more likely it is to be able to last longer and be able to go farther on a single charge. The Nissan Leaf is the EV that’s been sold in the largest number over the years and it’s a new model that will be offered to give us the next long-distance EV that will be great for everyday driving. While we haven’t yet seen this Leaf in all its glory, this new EV will cross the stage in Frankfurt next month.

In the meantime, much like the Dodge Demon that finally made its way to the stage in April, Nissan has been giving us a list of teaser videos to let us know more about what this car will be and what goes into it. The new Nissan Leaf has been inspired by the shape of airplane wings to make sure we can have a car that will cut through the air and give us a more efficient ride on the road which certainly adds to the distance this car can travel on a single charge.

The new Leaf is also built lower to the ground, which allows it to realize a zero lift coefficient to ensure this car can be more stable at higher speeds. This new design does more than just cut through the wind, it also allows for more stability when the car is hit by a strong crosswind. When you have a car leaps and bounds smaller than it’s big SUV brother, the Nissan Pathfinder, that you want to be able to drive on a daily basis, this can be an important factor and help keep you from feeling like you’re being tossed about on the roads that you drive.

Take a look at the video below and let the idea of a smoother ride that is able to move through the air the right way be something that makes a lot of sense to you. As the best-selling EV on the market, the Nissan Leave is already responsible for over 277,000 models that have been sold around the world. This new Leaf is made to help continue this trend in a market that now has other long-range EV models being offered from Tesla and Chevrolet which are now the direct completion in a market the Leaf has dominated for several years.


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