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Bugatti Chiron

If you’re ever presented with the opportunity to drive one of the most exclusive and high-powered cars in the world, you need to take it. The new Bugatti Chiron is one that certainly fits into this class as a car that costs nearly $3 million each while offering you 1479 horsepower. This is a car that’s limited to 261 mph and without the limitations, it could reach twenty or thirty more mph. The driving experience in this car is what you might expect, with a few impressive surprises that are excellent for you to discover.

Easy to Drive – This car is capable of being smooth on the road and offers you a full range of systems that make driving better. Most supercars are engaging but a chore to drive with the need of your compete for focus at all times. The Chiron is a car that you could drive every day and feel comfortable and capable on the road.

More Metal – At this level of driving you might expect every aspect of this car to be built from carbon fiber or other lightweight plastics. This car does have some metal aboard and the items that are metal have been made from solid pieces in order to give you the quality of drive you’re looking for in this level of the car.

Speed is Pain – This car can push you so hard into your seat when you accelerate and make use of the 1180 lb.-ft. of torque that you feel like your organs are being crushed. This car reaches 124 mph in less than 6.5 seconds and it only takes 16 seconds to reach 200 mph so that you can have an exhilarating and possibly painful experience.

Systems to Save the Day – You could push this car to be faster and possibly overload the grip levels of the tires but there are systems at work behind the scenes that help keep this from happening. The traction, stability and engine control systems are barely noticeable in this car but they make a huge difference in the driving experience.

Sounding Off – Unlike other supercars, the Chiron has a strong bellowing sound coming out of its exhaust to give you the sound you want to enjoy. As a car that is this expensive should sound imposing and it certainly does. This car is a lot of fun to listen to and is one that is an amazing noise for you to witness.

Bushings of Comfort- Typically the suspension bushings offered on a car are made of rubber that is wrapped around a metal sleeve. In order to give a sporty ride, most automakers have to compromise ride comfort for sharp handling. Bugatti made their bushiness from two different rubber compounds and three layers to give a smoother ride.

Turbos and Flaps – There are four turbos on the engine of this car and all four are 68 percent larger than what was included in the Veyron. When the engine is lower than 3800 rpm only two turbos are used, above this a special flap made of a nickel-chromium alloy is opened to allow the other two turbos to spool up.

Stopping Power – The Chiron uses 16.5-inch diameter carbon ceramic brakes and two secondary cold air units that make it possible for this car to be stopped when you push it to that 261 mph mark that is the limited level of this car. These are massive brakes and make it possible for you to enjoy this car and stop with confidence.

Aligning the Patterns – At this price tag you expect this car to be perfect and it’s pretty close to that for you. The carbon fiber panels of the car have to be matched up perfectly in order to give the look desired for those customers that want to see this pattern rather than having a car covered in a paint color.

Speed Key – You can reach 261 mph, but before you are allowed to do so you have to insert a speed key in the slog in the doorsill. When you do this, the car performs a set of safety checks to make sure everything is ready for you to be able to hit the max speed. During this run, you can’t turn the wheel, if you, the car will return to normal mode and limit you to 237 mph.

Record your Records – There are four digital instruments along the pane that are built into an aluminum spine that can be reconfigured for speed and track recordings for you. Normally these gauges record items you want while driving on the road, but they can be set up for the track items you want to have them record for you.

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