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How do You Test Drive?

12.24.15 - Test Drive

12.24.15 - Test Drive

It’s interesting to ask people this question because you can receive a lot of different answers.  Car salesmen are great at telling you all the positives of a vehicle but you need to have the right way to test drive a vehicle in order to know if it’s going to be right for you.  Some of us think we need to kick the tires (what in the world is that for) or we need to ready every part of the sticker but the best way to test drive is different from both of these oddities.

Before you ever go to the dealership you need to think about what you want and your lifestyle.  If you don’t have a preference or a price range you have to stick to the world is your oyster, but for most of us we have a specific need for a vehicle.  Consider what you use your vehicle for the most and start your search with this in mind. Let’s look at what this means.

What is your week like?  Do you commute thirty miles or more one way each day?  If so you will consider fuel efficiency as an important part of your car shopping experience.  What is your vehicle going to be needed for?  If you work for a construction company or need to use your vehicle for carrying heavy loads you will want to consider a pickup truck or SUV for your vehicle of choice.  It’s important to know what you need your vehicle for most and address this need.

With this in mind you should start by reviewing vehicles online that fit your main needs and are within your budget to find some of the right choices for you.  When you have narrowed your search to what should be the top five vehicles it’s time to head out to the dealerships, but don’t go alone.

When you go for a test drive take a friend along and make sure it’s someone who will be willing to help you examine the vehicles you are going to drive.  Along with your friend you should make sure the dealership knows you are shopping around so they can reach in their incentives and offerings to see if they can give you a better deal on the vehicle you are considering to purchase.

Some companies now allow you to live with a vehicle overnight and if the one you are working with does, take advantage of this opportunity and perform some of your regular daily duties with the vehicle.  Many still don’t allow you to do this and you will only have a short time with the vehicle.

The important thing to figure out when test driving is how the vehicle feels to you.  You can be wowed by the equipment and features that are offered, but it’s important to make sure there is enough space for what you need along with the right fit for your driving.  With this in mind you need to take as long of a test drive as the dealership will allow you.

Where should you go during your test drive?  You should take the vehicle over railroad tracks, into heavy traffic, onto the highway and through the city.  If all of these situations are available to you in your area you will get a great idea of how the car drives and what you like and don’t like about it.  This is also where your friend comes in handy as they can hear and feel things you might not from the driver’s seat.  It’s a good idea during a test drive to keep the radio off and listen to all the sounds.

How does the car brake, how does it take off from a stop, how is the turning and overall, how does it feel to you?  This is to be your new car which means you need to make sure this vehicle is able to do what you need.  When you have done your homework ahead of time the drive will be the most important part of the journey as you learn about the vehicle you are checking out.  Once you test the five you chose that fit you, figure out which one will be the best one for you to buy and make that your new car, without kicking the tires.

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