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EV Semi-Trucks are All the Rage

EV Semi-Trucks are All the Rage

It’sno secret that one of the most important places the automotive industry can look to in order to make sure we begin to save the planet and protect the environment is in the semi-truck range of vehicles. With more than eighty percent of the products that we buy on an annual basis being delivered to the stores and the locations around the world by semi-trucks, these vehicles are some of the worst when it comes to emissions and need to be some of the first replaced with electric models as soon as they possibly can be.While Tesla has already begun to build their own semi-truck, another company is ready to offer an EV alternative as well. Thor Trucks has decided to bring us an EV semi-truck to make it even easier for us to have products delivered to the storeswe shop in while using an environmentally friendly means of transportation to these stores. This new truck is called the ET-One and its being built by this startup company based in the Los Angeles area to offer us a truck that can get the items to the stores that we shop at on a daily basis.

the ET-One Details We Know

This new truck is expected to be able to begin to make deliveries in 2019 and offer us a range of as much as 300 miles on a single charge. The cargo capacity of this Thor Trucks product is 80,000 pounds, which puts it in direct competition with the Tesla model that has already been offered. This will be an incredible competition as it goes forward and we see the ET-One put on the roads to give us the ride that’s needed to get things where they need to go.Even though the ET-One will be offered with 300 miles of range, there will also be a 100 mile model that offers a shorter range for local deliveries that can be made at a lower cost. This ET-One will ride on a Navistar chassis and use Dana heavy-duty axles for the drive with a motor from the supplier TM4. The battery packs for these trucks are filled with cells from LG. There is a 22-inch touchscreen on the dash for the truck to make sure the driver can have the information needed to get where they need to go and know what’s going on with the truck.Right now, the targeted prices and the range offered for the ET-One won’t make it the choice over the Tesla semi-truck, but if Thor Trucks can build and produce these trucks in a greater quantity than Tesla, it may be the fact that the ET-One offers the availability needed that makes this the truck that more companies will choose for the driving needs and the quality of the ride on the road. Getting products to the stores you shop in is important and isn’t something that’s going to go away anytime soon, but doing so with electric power will be more environmentally friendly and is the future of trucking.

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